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7 Mind-Blowing Persuasion Techniques You Can Use To Persuade Anyone.

Disclaimer: About PERSUASION. Before I go any further, please, please only use these techniques for good. There are enough crooks and con artists in this world already. Be a person who adds value to the world, rather than one who keeps taking things away…

Let’s get into the “good stuff”.

Everyone is looking for an “edge”, and there is nothing wrong with that. We seek significance, we often want to be different, feel different – None of us really want to “Pidgeon hole ourselves to align with everyone else. Think of how boring the world would be if we all thought and acted exactly the same.

You may wonder why persuasion is so important. Let me counteract that by saying “persuasion” is probably THE most important thing you will ever need to know to move forward and achieve all your goals. It will never be taught in school, and even today, “persuasive” people are often frowned upon as “wise guys”.

I promised you 7 Mind-Blowing techniques you can use, so without further ado, here they are:

Persuasion Technique 1 – The Art Of Conclusion

Although people will not always believe what you say. They will always believe what they conclude. From the very first moment that someone claps eyes on you or hears your voice, they start to make conclusions.

Your poise, how you dress, and how you sound all come into the equation. The reason that a lot of confidence tricksters are so good at their rotten art is that they know how to present themselves as people who you would believe you can trust..

Gaining a person’s confidence is paramount if you are to persuade them to comply with you.

A member of the public wearing a white coat walking through a hospital ward could easily be mistaken for a hospital orderly, or even a doctor. A man wearing a white coat and hazard vest walking through a car park could easily be mistaken for a car park attendant… in fact, at least one person actually did this and collected thousands of pounds from people over several years pretending to be a car park attendant.

All he has was a white coat, a hazard vest and plenty of confidence.. .

What we conclude, we believe, help your prospect to make their own decision by asking questions, letting them answer, letting them tell you what they want and then you let them see themselves with your product or service. Don’t sell the sausage, sell the SIZZLE.. conclusions are made by what a person sees, hears, and ultimately believes.

Persuasion Technique 2Use the “Royal We”

When you are inviting anyone into something, maybe you are asking the bank manager to invest in your enterprise or you are looking to persuade partners to invest in your networking company, always use the “we” effect.

“Joining us” always sounds a lot “safer” to the potential client than “joining me”. you’re not telling any porkies here as all enterprises have an element of “others” on the fringes, looking in. Display yourself as a group rather than an individual as people just “assume” that others are also interested and people feel better knowing that it’s not just them… joining, investing, etc… people don’t really like being “the first”, they like to know that others are also involved..

The best way to get big is to think big from Day 1.

Persuasion Technique 3 – The Framing Method.

Ask the person what it is exactly they want to get from your product, service (or relationship). When you want someone to do something for you, frame it in such a way that it almost becomes their idea. If I am selling you something, or asking you to do something for me, I must make you aware of the benefit. You already know what you may be buying, you don’t need me to tell you what you already know.

BUT, what will it do for you, how will it change your life?

The biggest mistake people make when selling anything is to give you a list of features. “It has this”, it has that” etc, etc..

Think like a prospect. They are thinking, what is this going to do for me?

If I am to be persuaded, I will be persuaded by the person who frames a good picture in my mind. He or she will tell me the benefits, not the features and this will paint a picture in my mind. By asking me first what it is I am aiming to get from the product, I can then give the prospect a picture of what it will do for them.

The person who wins is the person who frames the deal in the other person’s mind – the best.

Persuasion Technique 4 – Become A Mirror.

This technique is fairly well known and is used by all top-class salespeople. It’s also used by relationship coaches and some psychologists.

We all like people who are like us. It’s only natural. Therefore your tone (tonality), your expressions, your smile, and your warmth as a person all count toward persuading someone to do something. Getting a perfect stranger to open up and talk always requires some form of persuasion.

Everyone relates to people differently, you must let a person give you clues as to how they want you to relate to them. When you first see someone you want to talk to, start to mirror their movement, give them space and ask a question. When they answer, take note of the tone, the level of sound, and the speed of their words, next – speak to them at the same speed and sound level. Mimick some of their movements without making it too obvious.

What you are subconsciously doing here is sending a signal to that person that you “are like them”.

Persuasion Technique 5. – Create Scarcity

This is a well-known technique that a lot of Internet Marketers use, it works very well, however, when you do this, make sure you are not offering false scarcity. People are getting immune to obvious scarcity tactics like countdown clocks that they see online nowadays as they’ve probably been caught out many times before.

You can use scarcity with anything. I mainly use it with my time as I tend to be busy. People are quite attracted to something that is in short supply, even if that’s you, yourself.. Making yourself available all the time to all and sundry actually devalues your value and the opinion people have of you. Yes, they may say to your face how wonderful you are, but being someone’s “doormat” is not the way to earn respect.

When someone calls you on the phone, don’t always answer right away. If someone emails you or texts you, reply at YOUR leisure, don’t rush in to reply, don’t always be available, create scarcity and people will respect you more. After all, people want MORE of things that are harder to get and LESS of the things readily available.

Persuasion Technique 6 – Teach People How You Want Them To Treat You.

This might sound kind of obvious, but it’s not. People treat people from their own perspectives. How a person has been treated themself throughout their life is often a guide to how they will treat you.

YOU have the power to teach others how to treat you, and you often have to show people what you will or what you won’t put up with, or they will treat you how THEY think you should be treated.

And that can often be like a doormat. Once people get too used to you, they will often take you for granted.

When I was at school, my father always taught me to “stand up for myself”, “don’t be a pushover” etc, etc and he was right. People respect people who respect themselves…. let me say that again, “people respect people who respect themselves“..

Show people how to treat you. Don’t let people get away with treating you badly. Expect respect from people and most of the time, you’ll get it. If your friends are always blowing you off and changing meet-ups, blow them off, and see how they like it. Don’t always be on hand for people, let them earn your friendship.

Many friends are lazy, they want you to keep in touch and do all the work. Kick them to the kerb if they treat you like that.

Persuasion Technique 7 – Get Agreement On Minor Points First

Have you ever noticed while you are on a webinar, the host is always trying to get you to say YES, or some other form of agreement in the chat?. That’s because they are hoping a series of small commitments will conclude with a big agreement at the end – for example, it may be a free training webinar but the real purpose is usually for you to buy their stuff, . Or you taking them up on their private coaching.

This works. And it works very well.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

With anyone, if you can get smaller agreements along the way, it will be easier for that person to say “YES” when you have a much larger ASK!. by asking questions that require a “YES”, you build a bond between the two of you. As I mentioned in Technique 1 – The Art of Conclusion, people may not always believe what you say but they will always believe what THEY conclude, by getting a series of Yeses from a person helps to build up to that all-so-important favorable conclusion…

You don’t even have to be speaking to that person personally (although it helps). Any piece of content you create should have these “precursor to yeses” built into it. If you want people to give you their email address, ask questions on your capture page that gets them to answer YES in their mind first. “Do You?” Would You?” “Will You” etc, etc are ideal starters to questions requiring a yes answer.

Well, there you have it. I’ve capped it at 7 techniques as this post is getting a little long. I hope this post has been of value to you. If it has, leave me a comment below and share the post – that would be great.

Have a great day


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