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can problems be good for you

The SECRET Benefit Of Problems Your Mum Probably Never Taught You

Ever since I was a little boy I grew up to believe that problems were bad. Never really knowing that problems could in fact be the “spice of life”. In fact, there are hundreds of “so-called” ways that we can disguise a problem, we can call it a challenge, we could even ignore it altogether (not advised).

The problem is not the problem itself. It’s how we look at it. This is what counts.

Ask yourself better questions. “What is someone trying to teach me here”?

The truth is, problems are there for a reason. The human being leans toward complacency if we don’t have that problematic itch to scratch from time to time. When things are going well, the man (or woman) upstairs will send you a pattern interrupt.

The reason for this is, we need things to learn from. A human life is a series of learning, you don’t graduate when you leave college or school, you graduate when you die. You can’t enjoy good if you’ve never sampled bad. And so on.

So, what if problems can actually be good for you?

I talk about this in a lot more detail in “Millionaire Mind Crush“. Every problem has a benefit. You might call it an opportunity in disguise. Now, before I go any further. I’m not saying that if you have a serious illness this is really a benefit, of course, it’s not.

However, as you probably know by now, Lifestyle problems can be responsible for up to 60% of hospitalizations. 6 out of 10 patients who get sick and enter hospital do so because of a bad diet, too much alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs, overwork, stress, etc.

Having a problem in the first place can at first be seen as something you have no control over. However, once the brain gets the clarification of what the actual problem is and the thinking brain sends this to the subconscious brain, you then can work on a solution.

Once you know the solution to any problem, there is always someone else who needs to know as well. This is why self-help books sell so well. There is a huge market out there for solving problems.

Learn To Love Problems

Problems free us from getting too comfortable. They free us from complacency. They give us the impetus to get better. Without problems, we can never really get to know the good side of life as we have no reference to what it is.

*You may never know just how important relationships can be until you’ve lost one

*You may never really know just how important people are, until you’ve lost someone.

*You may never know just how important money can be until you’ve lost it all.

Problems are there for a reason. Learn to accept them as a normal part of life, because they are.

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