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Winning Through Failure: The Art Of Failing Your Way To Success

It may seem strange, but failure really is the only way to go. Most people see failure as the train hitting the buffers, but in reality, it’s just a valuable lesson.

Without failure, there is no success. Read that any way you like but it’s true. In order to be successful you have to get used to failing. No one really succeeds at anything noteworthy on the first go. This is how it works. You either fail your way to success or you give up.

Failing – The Facts

To never fail at anything in life simply means you are an expert at nothing. Sure, there are plenty of people around who tell you their successes but it’s not so easy to find people who are willing to tell you about all the times, maybe hundreds of times they’ve failed before seeing a glimmer of success.

We live in a Social Media clouded world where it seems only OK to show your strong side, your best side, however people are crying out to see and hear stories of people who have overcome struggle and gone on to win. Being authentic means sharing your downside too, being transparent means admitting failure, because it’s something we all go through .

Don’t run from failure. Embrace it.

I’ve been asked in the past how I manage to be so positive all the time and create a lot of content online and juggle so many other things at the same time. I’m no more intelligent or clever than the next person but I never give up. I have failed at things so many times that you would think that i’m an expert at failing, instead, I have never let failure stop me, I’ve only let it motivate me to press on through. It’s because I’ve failed so many times, that I’ve learnt to be good at a few key things.

That’s all you need. Get good at one thing, something and make it pay. You don’t need ot be an expert in multiple things, leave that philosophy to fools, get one thing right and make it pay…

Failure is not the bogeyman that people think it is, it’s how we learn, you will learn a lot more through failure than you will through success. Success shows you, you were right, failure shows you, you were wrong, and if you keep failing, you will eventually get it right, it’s the law of averages.

Fail often, but fail forward…

Thomas Edison

I know this is an extreme case but Thomas Edison conducted between 1000 & 10,000 (depending on who you listen to) experiments to create the light bulb. Think about that for a minute. The best way was that he failed around a 1000 times before getting it right. Without that tenacity, the lightbulb may never have been invented. Don’t avoid failure, it’s a sign that you’re trying.

Keep trying till it works. Don’t change the goal or give up, change the strategy. When you fail and give up you’re not only giving up on yourself, you’re letting those around you see you as a person who gives up and gives in.

Turning Failure Into Fortune

Question: How is it almost impossible to NOT reach success?

Answer: Keep failing until you win. Every time you fail, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and tell yourself, “I’ve found another way that doesn’t work, that’s one less i’ll have to find in the future”.

Question: How is it almost impossible to WIN?

Answer: Fail and Give up. If you give up, you’ll never win.

Multiple failures will eventually lead to success in any venture as long as you are going in the right direction. Follow successful people, learn from them and (even better) learn from their mistakes.

Failure is one part of the winning process, but it’s a vital part. Without failure there can be no success. Be prepared for the long haul. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, if you really want something you’ll get it. If you don’t, or it’s just a wish, you probably won’t.

Life gets in the way?, yes it does, but it gets in the way of successful people too, they just don’t let it stop them. You can’t stop someone who is unstoppable.

Have a great day. Keep failing forward.


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