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Why Newspapers and TV News Channels Are Slowly KILLING You

It has often been said that keeping up with the daily news though either the Newspaper or the TV News on whatever Channel is a sign of being “informed”.

In fact I remember well when I blasted the News Channels in a post on Facebook, I remember being told that I was ignorant – as without the news I would always remain ignorant.

Ignorant of what, I wonder?

Unfortunately many people still believe this. They still believe the Media is giving unbiased truth to the masses. They still choose the News Channel as their daily fix of fear to kick off their evening’s entertainment.

Why Would You Programme Yourself With Such A Deadly Virus Each Day?

To be more accurate, the daily horror show is slowly programming your brain. The best way to keep people glued to the news each day is to spread fear. Why?

Because negativity sells. People don’t buy newspapers or watch the news to see good stuff happening. It’s almost like people are addicted to the next soap opera episode, you have to tune in to find out what happens next. It keeps you hooked.

People are addicted to the drama. Only this time, it’s for real.

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News channels are not the same family friendly news channels of the 1950/60’s.

What you see is the Media’s version of events, transmitted into supposed facts. News channels are not interested in reporting the truth, they are interested in keeping viewers glued to their programme (note the subtle use of the word programme) each and every day.

A Daily does of fear and loathing attracts, in fact it magnetises fear and loathing to you via the feeling elements of your magnetic heart. The brain is more electrical, whereas the heart is more magnetic.

You attract things by feeling, not just by using the brain and looking. This is why the Law of Attraction has never really been properly explained. It works through feeling rather than seeing. Hence, if you daily dose yourself up with the unenviable task of being “informed” by the news each day, you lower your immune system under the fear you feed yourself.

Therefore, the more fear you feel (through your magnetic heart), the more fearful experiences you attract into your life.

Garbage in = Garbage Out

Feed your brain with the nutrition it deserves. If you feed your brain garbage, it will produce garbage. The more fear you allow yourself to believe, the more fearful you will become, the more fearful you become the less positivity appears.

Positive people don’t program themselves with mindless garbage. They don’t need a daily update on who was killed, raped and murdered and where it happened. The news makes the World sound like a dark and dangerous place.

This isn’t the Truth. If we focus on whats bad and make a daily movie of all the bad stuff and call it the News and programme everyone daily that this is the truth, after several repetitions of this, people will start to believe it.

If you want to live a positive life. Start by switching the news off. Spend that hour by feeding your brain something useful. Learn a new skill, start a business, plan your future, spend time with a positive friend. Anything but the News.

Times are tough at the moment. The Covid movie has been running for a year now. People are understandably fearful and depressed. Suicide rates are increasing, people are struggling to cope with job losses etc. The daily onslaught of the (bad) News could just tip people over the edge.

If the (bad) News was a friend, would you seriously still be friends with them?.

I hope you liked this post. If you agree or disagree with it, why not let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day.


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  • Completely agree with you here. I haven’t watched the news or bought a paper for a few years. I always reckon that ‘come the revolution’ someone would knock on my door and let me know what was going on.

    Seriously though, I read a lot, I’m selective what I watch on TV (and there are some really good informative programmes on there), but I refuse to be fed a diet of negative, mindless drama.

  • Spot on, Keith! I have stopped watching and following all news outlets. I actually found myself looking to debate/argue with people that had a different view from me. That’s not good.

    I don’t even watch local news and I honestly can say I notice such a difference. I no longer comment on people (friends) that post about political or COVID.

    They say if you don’t watch the news you aren’t informed and if you watch the news you’re misinformed. I believe that because it’s too easy to see the difference in reporting agenda from news bureau to the next and that is all the proof I need to believe that someone is controlling what is said and when that happens, it’s hard to believe that they are reporting the real facts.

    Live life according to your beliefs and do whatever it is that puts your mind at ease. Remember…. if one is lucky they will get to live two lives…the second one starts the moment they realize that they only have one life to live.

    • Great comment Greg. I specifically like the part “They say if you don’t watch the news you aren’t informed and if you watch the news you’re misinformed”. I belive there is a lot of truth in that.

  • Great info Keith, thank you. Love the reference to The Law of Attraction – “as a man thinketh, so is he” – one of the greatest universal truths. I remember when the BBC had integrity and was a trusted source of news worldwide, however the bias that as crept in over recent years is so obvious its shocking, I’ve now stopped watching Question time because of it, which was a must watch in the past.