Keith Everett
hands of god

The Day I Met God In My Car

Well, actually it was his hands. But, I digress. It was a cold dark night around thirty years ago now. I had been working continuously for several days with very little sleep.

I hadn’t seen my then-girlfriend for quite a while and I was keen to hook up again. The rain was pouring down, it was dark, there was no one around. I was driving late at night from Burnt Oak, Edgeware. The road to Potters Bar was dark and very slippery.

That day, I had been up very early, as usual, and I had worked almost non-stop. One of my many hustles at the time was an Ice cream round. I was tired, tired beyond belief but I hadn’t seen Jeannie (my girlfriend) for ages, I was keen to keep my promise and take her out.

Then it happened

I fell asleep momentarily at the wheel. I nodded off..

All I remember next was this pair of hands. Don’t laugh, I’m serious.

The Hands of God?

A pair of hands bathed in white gloves appeared. Grabbing my wrists and forcing me back onto the road. The bend was sharp, luckily there were no cars coming the other way. Who else but me would be out on a mad night like this?

Was this God? a miracle, maybe a hallucination? Who knows. I know what I saw, maybe I was going mad, maybe I was just overworked, or perhaps. Just perhaps, I had just witnessed a miracle.

Who knows?. Up until then, I had never really given God much thought. I mean, I didn’t go to church, so telling people I supported God would have been a bit hypocritical. BUT, something happened that night that I can’t explain.

Let’s be honest. If you believe, truly believe in something, it’s real. To you. Whoever you believe in, be it God, or a higher power by another name, one thing is for sure. We didn’t all arrive here in this world by accident.

Someone had to set the World in motion in the first place. someone designed all the sets, the players, the whole irrigation system. It didn’t all just arrive by accident.

I truly believe that we do have a greater power that watches over us all. Maybe it is that belief that produces the true miracles of life, who knows?. Up until that point I never really gave it much thought. Maybe I should have.

Did I meet God on that cold rainy night, thirty years ago?.Why was he wearing white gloves?. I guess i’ll never know.

Have a great day