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The No1 SECRET To Becoming A Millionaire

Here is a staggering fact. The richest 1% own over half the world’s net worth — even more startling is the top 10 wealthiest people in the world possess a higher combined wealth than the bottom 5 billion people!

Just in case you were thinking it’s all down to intelligence, good schooling, getting a degree or going to business school. Sorry to disappoint you. That isn’t so. Although a good education helps with reading, writing, and learning how to pass tests, it has very little to do with becoming a Millionaire.

So what is the SECRET?

Before I tell you the secret, let me go over the things that definitely WON’T ever make you a millionaire. This is going to be HARSH, so please don’t get upset if any of this garbage applies to you. I just have a habit of explaining things without the cursory BULLSH*T.

Things that keep people BROKE as a JOKE and being broke ain’t no Joke…

ONE. Always blaming your misfortune on others. Thinking that somehow it’s all the Government’s fault, politicians or maybe it’s your family who “don’t understand”. Constantly spouting on Social Media how hopeless everything is and how the “little guy” just hasn’t a chance.

This is complete RUBBISH!. The little guy (or gal) has every chance, just like every millionaire in the land who was once a “little guy”. Take responsibility for your own failures and stop blaming others.

TWO. Prioritizing your time incorrectly. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to spend some time each day becoming one. This might sound obvious but it’s not. You can’t become a millionaire if you prioritize everything else except becoming one. The reason a lot of people fail at this is that they want the goods, without the work.

When you DECIDE to become a millionaire, there is nothing in this world that can shift that idea from your brain. You have to realize that your world will never be the same. You can’t be better at anything without making sacrifices along the way. Ditch the TV and start learning how to be RICH.

THREE. NOT investing in yourself. A lot of people are out there consuming a lot of stuff that’s not adding to their bottom line. In order to afford the best, you sometimes have to settle for the least for now. Free up capital on depreciating assets and use it to fund your new enterprise.

Money makes money. Invest in yourself. It’s a mindset. There is a reason why over 60% of lottery winners end up exactly as they were in a few short years. They have always adopted the Spend, Spend, Spend, attitude and when they won the lottery they just spent it till it was gone. Many people have this spend, spend, spend, attitude even though they don’t have a lot of money. This is what keeps them broke..

The NO1 SECRET To Becoming A Millionaire Revealed

So, what is this SECRET?

It’s Manufactured LUCK! Now, before you think I’ve gone crazy. Luck is actually a “thing” but not the “thing” you think.

Most people assume luck is random. They think that you are either lucky or you aren’t. I have news for you. YOU are actually responsible for 95% of the luck you receive. Good or Bad.

5% of everything that happens to us is purely random.

95% of what happens to us is manufactured. By US.

Let me explain. Like attracts like. How you appear to the world is how you will be treated by MOST people. 5% of the time, this will not work. This is why good people have bad things happen to them.

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the Law of Attraction here. I do this in another post. but everything in life has a vibration. This vibration is picked up by others with the same vibration. The law of vibration is as much a law as is say, the law of gravity.

You can use this law for you, or against you. You don’t need me to tell you that if you think better, you feel better. Your thoughts dictate your feelings. This is why if you are always thinking bad thoughts, you are framing your life in a way to meet your expectations. Bad thoughts attract bad situations.

Think about a millionaire for a moment. Are they always complaining?. Of course not. They are too busy making money, running their business, providing jobs for others, traveling the world, giving to charity etc. Are all millionaires like this?. Of course not. But many are.

You don’t become a millionaire by complaining. You become a millionaire by DOING. The more action and effort you put in, in the right direction the more luck you manufacture. You can’t think negatively and positively at the same time. How you decide to think ultimately determines how your life will turn out.

Millionaires are just people like you and me. The difference is, they manufacture their luck by thinking positively about the world. They decide to become people of growth and contribution. They take action daily toward their goal and they don’t blame others..

YOU are the gatekeeper to your mind. Use that mind wisely.

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