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The 14yr Old Who Turned $500 into $24 Million

Sean Belnick actually started his online selling career at the age of 12 when he was making around a $1000 a month selling Pokemon cards. was started in 2001 by the then 14yr old Sean Belnick. He began running out of his bedroom with nothing more than $500 and some advice from his stepfather, Gary Glazier, who was a veteran of the Office Furniture business.

The Bizchair business is a simple concept. Sean imports all kinds of office furniture from China, he then advertises those same products to an American audience and delivers direct. In 2004 Belnick Inc moved into a 40,000 sq ft warehouse space in Kennesaw Georgia, and because of the huge growth of the business, this was upgraded to 100,000 sq ft two years later.


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In 2005, reported sales of $13.6 Million, by 2008 revenue had grown to $42 Million. This is an enterprise started by a 14yr old kid from a bedroom.

Today, Sean Belnick is worth approximately $42 Million. This goes to show that you are never too young to become a millionaire. There are many kids on the Internet today making millions from doing things like giving product reviews on YouTube and unboxing electronic items.

Never has there ever been a better time to start a business, especially on the Internet. Social media provides many free platforms to talk and promote your products and services. Sean Belnick is one of many kids today who have used the Internet to make millions.

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