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Kindle Books, Self Publishing For Fun and Profit

Kindle books are ebooks that are designed to be read with a Kindle eReader or through a kindle app. These are becoming so popular now, that Amazon are selling 114 eBooks to every 100 Paperbacks.

So, what does this mean for us?.

It means that gone are the days when eBooks were looked at as inferior cheap versions of paperback books. today, Kindle eBooks are outselling the traditional book. And you can see why. People do not like waiting for things. I know with Amazon Prime that you can have your delivery next day, but Kindle eBooks offer several advantages.

Here are just some:

  1. Kindle eBooks are instant. You can get your book as soon as you complete the order.
  2. They are often at least 50% cheaper than the paperback version.
  3. You can add links to the eBook, the customer can join your offer or group straight from the eBook.
  4. You can add between 2000 and 6000 eBooks to an 8gb Kindle eReader. This is ideal for vacations or if you have limited space at home
  5. You can add your eBook to the Kindle Unlimited program and get paid when people read each page online.
  6. You can join Kindle unlimited as a customer and read an unlimited amount of eBooks for just $7.99 a month.

Kindle eBooks – Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

The self publishing revolution is on. Since Covid 19 came and devastated the World for over a year, people are starting to wise up and realize that having a job isn’t what it used to be. At one time it was a pretty safe thing to do.

However, times have changed

Jobs are no longer secure. In fact I will stick my neck out here and say that owning a business is a more secure option in the long run than a job. Why?, simply because you are holding the reigns, not your boss.

When you own your own business, you are in charge. When you are in a job, your boss is in charge. Personally I don’t like someone telling me what to, this is why I boss myself.

Selling anything online (that people want) can create a solid source of income. Selling books, Kindle books included can produce a long term passive source of income. Also, this gives people a chance to get all that information that they keep stored inside their heads and turn it into money.

There are thousands and thousands of ideas that you can write your kindle book about. Obviously not al of them will be winners. Some will make you a little, some will make you a lot, others will make you nothing.

My point here is, it’s a numbers game. If you accept the Pareto principle that 20% of your efforts create 80% of your results, you will soon see that probably 20% of the Kindle books you publish will produce 80% of your income.


This question always comes up so i’ll answer it here. Many books in general are written by Ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are people who will write a book for you if you give them a good outline to write to.

An outline is a written plan of your book. This tells the Ghostwriter how you want the flow of the book to look like, including the structure of the chapters and you then supply the links to the information sources where the Ghostwriter can find the necessary information to write the book.

There is nothing wrong with this. It is a common practice in the book world. Many celebrities have Ghostwriters. Even Michelle Obama’s biography was written by a ghostwriter.

This is ideal for people who have ideas but are not too confident in their ability to write a book. I understand this. My first book “Money mind Crush” is over 30,000 words and took me a year to write. A ghostwriter could write a 30,000 word book in six weeks or less.

I am a bit quicker nowadays, my latest book took me just two weeks. It is only around 8500 words though.

Kindle Books – Is There Money to Be Made?

The answer to this is a definite “yes”, BUT. You probably won’t make any money for a while in your Kindle business, as you have several upfront costs for your books, whether you choose a ghostwriter or not.

Although it’s free to list your eBook on Amazon, you have editing, formatting, writing & design costs to think about. Don’t skimp on the book cover and design it yourself, get a professional to do it. Your book cover is very important.

People do judge a book by its cover. They judge the book by the title too, don’t skimp on that and bore them to death.

Release your Inner Authorpreneur and start writing books. In twelve months time you could have a dozen books on Amazon, and you could start enjoying some SERIOUS passive income.

Some Author Entrepreneurs do very well from writing and selling books. you could do the very same. Not sure what you could write about?, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, check out this new book of mine.

Have a great day.

All the best


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