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how ot double your productivity

How To Double Your Productivity

How to double your productivity. Time is money. What if you could make more use of the time you have?. Wouldn’t you make more money?.

Since I started digital marketing I’ve seen a lot of online marketers come and go. One of the biggest problems new marketers have is deciding what to do and then actually doing it.

Focus seems to go out the window a lot of the time as people buy and try several marketing plans, ideas and schemes. It’s not uncommon for new people to sit through an endless amount of webinars, read a whole stack of books, learn the ins and outs of online marketing and then do

NOTHING.. Zero, Nada.

The problem really boils down to being “busy” but never actually being productive. This is where I think “Time Blocking” will help.

Time blocking is allocating set periods of time to certain tasks and sticking to them.

First of all, cease with all that learning. Yes, of course, you need to have an idea of what you are doing but you don’t have to be an expert before you start. Many people confuse learning with creating a business. It’s not actually a business until you sell something.

First Step. Decide what one single business you are going to begin. Yes, just one. Not two, three or four. Chasing more than one rabbit leads to not catching any.

How To Be More Productive Working From Home

I hear people saying that they don’t have the time to start a business. The truth is you have time for other priorities but your business isn’t one of them. When starting a business becomes a real priority, trust me, you will start.

Next, it’s about finding the time to run a business. If you have a full time job, you can’t start a business while watching TV. Allocate time and stick to it.

Time blocking is the answer, and doing this has doubled my productivity. I used to just write down tasks to do each day. some would get done, others wouldn’t. However, I never really set myself a “Do or Die” schedule each day.

“Do or Die”?, what is that?

It means, set yourself a time block and do it in that period of time. don’t get up from the desk, don’t get distracted and fiddle about on Facebook. Set the task, and complete that task in that time.

Jason Fladlien, one of the best online marketers of all time used to do this. He could create an eBook, or a lead magnet, or even copywriting a whole series of email, in one sitting. You just have to focus on one task in one period of time.

How To Double Your Productivity In 48 Hrs Or Less

I set the timer on my phone for two hours (choose your time period), In that two hours, when I’m writing a book, i’ll set myself a task of writing till the alarm goes off. I don’t get up I don’t fiddle with the phone, no Facebook or email. Just solid work for two hours.

I also do this when I’m reading or learning anything. By doing this, you are actively focusing on one thing and one thing only. Some of the most prolific authors use this method of working – S.J Scott writes a book every 21 days, using this method.

I took a whole year to write my first book mainly because I procrastinated and didn’t set it as a priority. I could complete the same book is four to six weeks now using this time blocking method.

Pick an important task. Set the timer, complete the task. BUT what if I don’t complete the task on time?. reset the timer and repeat. You will find your focus will increase a 100%, your productivity will double.

I hope this was useful. It does work. try it.

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  • Wow! This helps a lot, not only for my internet work but for college as well. I go to college fully online and there are SO.MANY.DISTRACTIONS. Facebook, my tv in the room behind fact currently looking at the kitchen thinking I should start lunch! I’m going to start doing this time block idea. My only suggestion is to make sure to take “brain breaks” at some point of studying/online work etc my brain goes into farkle mode. I am going to have to find a good amount of time for me to block off and not get distracted, while keeping my head clear.