Keith Everett

About Keith

Keith Everett is from England, UK. He is a full-time content creator and author. While most of the books he writes are under pen names, he also writes in the business and personal development niche under his own name.

Keith is also known as a serial entrepreneur, personal development coach, and blogger. He has had multiple companies, both online and offline, spanning a period of more than 40 years.

Keith loves to help people create better lives for themselves and for their families. You can connect with him via this blog on the “contact” tab or join him on Facebook.

Keith has written 5 books and has self -published over 50 books (as of 2023) he also has a print on demand business on Etsy and Amazon creating designs for T Shirts, Sweatshirts & Mugs.

Etsy Store – Pixadorcreative

Etsy Store – Wealthrider

Etsy Store – Savanna Planners

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If you are looking to totally change your life for the better and to create freedom for you and your family, my books could help you. Check them out here