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How To Get What You Want – Lessons In The Law of Attraction

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to get everything they want and yet others seem to live a life of drudgery, spinning their wheels and riding the hamster wheel to nowhere. Read on..

Before every action comes a thought (obviously). Those thoughts are determined mainly by our habits. Our habits determine our eventual outcome. We desire things, yet desire can actually work against us.

Desire is fine in the initial stage. We need to know what it is we want, but once you continue to desire, it works against you.

You have to switch from desire to having, in your minds eye

By desiring something, we are telling the subconscious we don’t already have it. A far more useful thought would be to believe that we do already have it. This is something a lot of people struggle with as if you believe you already have something, surely you are just trying to trick your subconscious mind – and it will just call you out as a liar?

Actually, this is not true. The subconscious mind is your all empowering mind, it’s far more powerful than your normal thinking mind. However, it doesn’t know what is true or false, it only knows what you tell it, hence this is why every time you re-live a painful memory, your subconscious thinks it is happening in the now and your feelings react accordingly.

How To Get What You Want

You feel sad, or may even cry when you recall something sad. Yet this is not something that is happening in the present.

This is why people are able to convince themselves that they are ill without any sane reason. The subconscious believes it and delivers.

If you believe something enough, whether it’s true or false, you will nearly always attract it and bring it into your life. Hence, negative people tend to attract negative things and positive people tend to attract positive things.

It’s not that the universe favours one over the other it’s just that you are attracting what you give the most attention to. Hence, if you are always concerned about being in debt and you constantly worry about the lack of money you have, you will attract more of the same.

Constant worry serves up a dish of more worry.

This is because your subconscious is viewing this as your belief in how you are and how you should be, it will always serve you up a way to attain it, in this case, more of the same.

The Dangers Of Harbouring Dangerous Thoughts

Tricking the brain into thinking we already have something in itself will not bring it into being. This is why many people do not see a lot of success with vision boards or daily affirmations and visualization.

There is however, a way of making these things work, just by adding one secret ingredient, more on that later.

I won’t get too technical here but if you understand the law of vibration and the secondary law which is the law of attraction, you know that science has proven that we can in fact alter our outer world by altering our inner world.

Fear, for instance can be very dangerous to your health. Fear lowers our immune system and can cause certain viruses that live within us to activate and cause all kinds of damage to us.

More recently, with the Corona Virus, and the media’s daily fear programming, people automatically lower their resistance to the virus, the more fearful they become.

The Law of Attraction – THE SECRET

Many of you may have watched the film, The Secret. This is Rhonda Byrne’s film about the Law of Attraction. Whilst this was an amazing film and the cast were wonderful, it did miss out two very important points and these are really the secrets of how to get what you want.

Are you ready?

The first secret is that you can wish all you want for anything but without ACTION, nothing will happen. You can’t be a couch potato and just use affirmations to attract things into your life, it just won’t happen.

Also. The Law of Attraction will only work when you FEEL things into your life, this is why using a vision board, affirmations etc on their OWN doesn’t work. You actually have to feel it into existence, and follow up with action.

The brain is an amazing device and its amazing electrical power can do the most amazing things. However, it’s only when we use the brain and the heart in conjunction with each other that we can achieve near enough anything we want.

Imagine what you want with feeling. See yourself in the moment with what it is you desire, FEEL the ownership, see yourself in the movie, how does that feel?

Now listen to your subconscious mind, sometimes we refer to this as our “gut feeling”, where is it leading you?.

Don’t resist, follow.

The truth is, you can have just about anything you want in this life if you face it with the right thoughts and feeling. Thoughts without feelings are just thoughts, static words. BUT when you add the POWER CHARGER of feelings, you WILL attract those things into your life, with some action on your part too of course.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, please leave a comment below. And do share it with friends, or anyone who you think would benefit from the message.

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  • When you started talking about fear my instant reaction was how fear of COVID will work against you and damage your immune system. I never once feared COVID but instead looked at ways to boost my immune system soI can fight the virus if I got infected.

    Also, too many people miss out the action part, Nothing comes from nothing.

    The law of attraction is something I want to learn more about.

    • Exactly, for the last year, it has been mainly fear-based in the media. Fear not only keeps people glued to their TV sets for the next fearful installment but it also lowers the immune system so more people become ill. The law of attraction works but only when feelings are applied to it and of course, action.

    • Very much so. I think fear was one of the main factors driving the whole Covid movie. Once you are fearful, you leave your immune system open for sickness.