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How To EXPLODE The Value Of Your Time And STOP Letting Life Pass You BY

A year of time is a year of time in any language, but it is viewed differently by different people. To a 10year old, one year is 10% of their life. To a 60yr old, however, 1 year is less than 2% of their life.

We gauge time by the memorable events we can remember. Childhood seemed a lot longer back then as we were aspiring to become adults. For some, this seemed to take ages.

Time feels a lot different when you’re experiencing it in the now, rather than when remembering it in the past.

We don’t long for old age, it just turns up. Life has a habit of throwing up things you don’t want. This is why we always need to be creating things that we do want, to counteract the bad. Don’t wait for others to fix your life. Only you can do that. This is why moaning is really a great waste of time.

As adults, we get more into a repetitive life as we get older. Time seems to slip past us faster than a speeding train. Every day seems to throw up challenges.

So, how can we slow down time?. You may think it’s impossible, perhaps inevitable that time must march on. Actually time will pass, but how you pass the time is relevant to how fast it appears to go.

Time expands more quickly when you are experiencing the familiar, and appears to move more slowly when you are experiencing something new. This is because your brain keeps overriding a lot of the familiar as “chewing gum fro the eyes” and attributes “no value” to it. Once you really start to get interested in life, everything becomes interesting. Although the same time passes, our relationship to that time changes.

Dr Who Was Right

I am and always will be the optimist

Dr Who

Optimism is not looking at life through rose-colored glasses, optimism is the key to living a good life and NOT letting that life pass you by. Let’s be honest with ourselves. When you feel good, you look good to others, this attracts people and opportunities. Optimism is infectious in a good way whereas pessimism is unattractive and downright harmful.

You chose your friends. I bet you didn’t choose a single one because of their negativity.

People who tend to look forward in life, regardless of what else is going on in the world, seem to be happier. Happiness is like throwing a pebble into a pond, it makes waves, it quickly reaches others and changes their mood too. Filling your time with value living instead of boring, repetitive living increases your life’s value and seems to slow time down as you appreciate everything around you.

Look at everything again. Savor everything again. Walk in the wild instead of taking the car. Do something different, find a new hobby, take a trip to a country you’ve never been to before, change those habits that don’t serve you.

Try new things. Even people who feel they are “stuck” are not really “stuck”. They’ve just run out of new ideas. They need a new strategy and so does all of us now and again. Everyone needs a new plan to re-ignite the spark of living. You weren’t put on this earth to re-live each day like Groundhog day, the same old boring repetitive stuff.. but many people do. They are stuck in their stuckness.

Take note here. No one was born to work, struggle, pay bills retire and die. This is not your life, this is a script accepted by the masses. Have you checked the masses lately?, most of them are broke, unhappy and constantly moaning.

Moaning isn’t the answer. This just tells everyone you don’t know the answer. No one is really listening, they are too busy feeling bad about their own problems. If all the moaners stopped moaning for a minute, the world would be a better place. Changing things yourself is like fresh air, moaning is like the gas that coms out of the sewer.. lol

The best way to fix your own problems is to figure out how to fix other people’s problems then sell them the solution.

We are happiest when we create things.

Human beings are not designed to fester away doing the same Sh*t every day. Variety is the spice of life and when you are actively involved in something creative, you are changing your life and adding value, not just to yourself but to others too.

If you want to stop your life racing away, get creative and massively interrupt your current pattern. People love recognition, people want to feel valued. The way you do that is to increase your value to others. Raise your standards and re-invent yourself. You, yes you can be whoever you want to be, you just have to get past that one person who is stopping you, this person may have been stopping you moving forward all of your life. YOU.

Have a great day. Read and apply. Don’ just read, no one’s life changes a whole lot by reading. You do need to take action. Start today.. Do it before it’s too late.


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  • So very true. I never could understand how people can live their whole live in the same town or city without experiencing living in another country or even another state! When I was single, I used to move somewhere new every 1-3 years. Being married has really been tough for me in several ways. It kind of holds you back from some things.