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how to make people feel special

How To Make People Feel Very Special – By Saying Very Little

How to make people feel special is about first of all understanding a little bit about human nature. I know everyone is different, but the reality is we think and feel in a similar way.

You can build a very quick and meaningful connection with people if you just allow yourself to follow a few steps.

1. How many times have you met up with someone and all they talked about is themselves?

2. How many times have you tried to have a conversation with someone who is intent on looking at the screen of their phone?. Or someone who has to answer every text or Facebook message right there and then instead of continuing the conversation.

3. How many times have you been treated as an afterthought, even by friends?

This is very common. Social media and Smartphones have not really added to quality interactions between people. Smartphones and Social media have eliminated a lot of the contact that people used to have in-person and the telephone and have replaced a lot of that contact with text and zoom meetings.

How To Make People Feel Very Special – The Formula Of Friendship

If someone takes the trouble to visit you, whether as a client or a friend. Turn off all distractions in front of that client or friend. If that person is visiting your office, tell your assistant you do not want to be disturbed.

Knowing that someone is giving you their full attention is a very powerful lead to getting a favourable response from your client or friend. The greatest currency that you can give anyone in this lifetime is your undivided attention.

Notice how one person gives and one person gets. This is creating a win/win situation. Most interactions are unbalanced, someone is winning while someone is losing. If you think you are winning by losing my attention, you really aren’t.

Step 1. Give people your full attention. Show people that you are giving it by turning off your phone in front of them, and getting rid of all distractions.

Ok, what’s next?

How To Make People Feel Very Special – Use Reversals

People love you to turn the conversation around to them. Whether you are talking to a friend or a client, during the conversation, ask them about them. To know that you care enough to ask is a big plus in your favour.

Many business conversations are strictly one way with the business owner going on and on about what their business can do for you. This is the same as a friend talking about nothing but themselves. You have to share the conversation.

If someone asks you a question. Reverse that question and ask them how they feel about it?, or what is their take on it?. People love to be asked their opinion. By sharing the conversation equally, you are making your friend or client feel valued. and this is one of the biggest gifts you can give someone.

Step 2. Value people and their opinions. Ask people what they think, people love to be included. Share the conversation equally.

Let’s be honest. We all need a boost at times. We live in a very cynical world. Our TV’s and Computers are used as weapons of hate and misinformation. The world is on fire with wars and protest. But..

In amongst all the gloom and doom of the daily moaners, trolls and hate merchants hiding behind their computers on Facebook lies a diamond in the rough. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the encourager.

How To Make People Feel Very Special – Lift Them Up

We need more of these people. They are not doctors or nurses who help the sick, but they are in effect helping and healing people to be well.

People are often only as well as the level of their thoughts. Bad thoughts encourage bad health. Especially mental health.

When you encourage people, you lift them. When you keep lifting them, people can do extraordinary things. Encouragement is like a huge shot of dopamine to the brain, it’s better than s*x and twice as powerful as chocolate. 🙂

Be an encourager. I swear your life will change. If you’re always finding fault with people, you’re missing a valuable point here. You have faults too. Why spend your time trying to point out the faults of others? when you probably have a bucketload. Is it to make you feel better?

Step 3. Be an encourager. Lift people up instead of constantly knocking them down. You’ll never make yourself look big by making others look small.


  1. Give people your full attention
  2. Value people and their opinions
  3. Be an encourager. lift people up, don’t knock them down

I will also add to list. Trust people. I know this is hard in this day and age as many people are suspicious of everything, but learn to trust people. Especially your friends and clients. Make them feel valuable to you. Your trust will be rewarded a hundredfold.

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