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how to get more likes on facebook

How To Get More Likes, Comments, And LOVE On Facebook

Questions demand answers. People want to know how to get more likes, comments and more engagement on the world’s biggest social media platform – Facebook.

how to get more likes on facebook

My first question to you is, are you engaging fairly with others ?. I see people announcing the impending cull of their Facebook friends because “they” don’t seem to be engaging with them. My question to those people is “how often do you engage with others?”

Because, if you aren’t engaging with others, you are INVISIBLE to them..

Oh my God.. (shock), REALLY?.. Yes.

Facebook is a two-way street. People don’t just come over to your wall and start engaging with you.. You have to put some effort into keeping your friends interested in you, what you say and what you do.. In other words, you share “the love”

How To Get More Likes On Facebook – How Does It Work?

Check out the video below, first

Facebook in all its wisdom used to have an algorithm called Edge Rank, but they ditched it back in 2013 and now uses a machine-learning algorithm that, takes more than 100,000 factors into account.

In a nutshell, if you don’t engage well, you get shuffled to the back of the pack, and no one hardly knows you exist. It’s kind of like Facebook’s way of “sending you to Coventry”.

In other words, they punish you for not engaging.

Around 2% (give or take a few points each way) of your friends will ever see your posts on a regular basis if you don’t engage with others,. However, being the bright spark you are, and because you are reading this post, you are about to become a NINJA Facebook engagement warrior.

Here We Go..

How To Get Seen On Facebook

Step 1. Post interesting content on a regular basis. People operate on a WIIFM basis. What’s In It For Me. They like to see posts that entertain, inform, inspire, make them happy, make them laugh.

Post things of interest about you and your life. Keep people coming back to you to find out more, keep people curious.

DON’T keep ranting about politics or religion. It turns people off and also creates division. This also attracts haters who love to spout hate.

Step 2. Ask Questions. People are curious. If you want people to engage on your posts, don’t always use a blanket statement, ask a question instead. People are far more likely to engage with a post that asks a question.

For instance. If you post a picture of a fab car or house. Don’t just state what it is, “look at this loverly house/car”. sure, you’ll get a few likes, but instead ask people what they think


“What do you think of my mansion, lol”?

“1965 Ford Thunderbird, Yes or No”?

Step 3. Post regularly but not all at once. You could start the day with a “Good Morning” post, this always seems to get a lot of engagement. People like to say good morning. I then post a few posts, 3, maybe 4 or 5 throughout the day.

Post something funny. Maybe a one-liner, the Internet has a ton of funny quotes, jokes, memes etc. Just Google what you want.

If you are engaging with the right people on Facebook you will have several of these posts coming into your newsfeed daily, just reshare them, if you tag the person who shared it to you in the post, this will increase engagement, as they will be notified you shared it and will want to engage on the post.

Step 4. When people comment on your posts, comment on their comments. This starts multiple conversations which helps Facebook to recognise the post as a “HOT post”. They will then show it to more of your friends. It’s a Win/Win situation.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

Should all posts be happy, slappy positive posts?. definitely not. Be realistic.

Controversial posts do well. These can grab people’s attention quite quickly. Don’t be bland or boring, add some spice to your wall, change things up now and again. Don’t be predictable.

There’s nothing wrong with a good old rant now and then, people like to engage with ranting, BUT. If you do it too often, it will turn people off, especially if it involves politics or religion.

Nothing divides people more than Politics and Religion. You aren’t on Facebook to turn people off and create division. Leave that to the haters.

People don’t want to turn on Facebook and feel bad. They want to engage with people, to be social. Think of the posts you post each day, if they’re depressing, then all you’ll attract is like-minded depressed people. Do you really want this?

Are the conversations you have on your Facebook wall the same conversations you would have with friends down the pub?. remember, it’s a social platform. .

Misery loves company.

Golden Rule of Facebook (and life), always give first. Give people something to engage with. Make them smile, happy, curious, inquire, laugh, feel inspired..

Definite turn off: Business posts, over and over on your personal wall. Who teaches this stuff?. The quickest way to turn someone off is to keep posting about your business. An even quicker way to turn someone off is to friend someone up then message them your business spiel. Please don’t do this.

There’s nothing wrong with mentioning your business discreetly now and again but think of the lack of value you are giving to your friends and followers if your wall is just a series of adverts. Would you want to be friends with someone like that?


Post regularly, but don’t post everything at once. Spread posts out over the day.

Like and comment on each other’s posts. Do this regularly and you’ll see their posts in your newsfeed and vice versa.

Post engaging content. People love quotes, jokes, funny memes, controversial posts, inspiring posts, cat videos (lol), pictures of your life, your visits to places of interest. etc, etc. Keep ranting down to a minimum and stay away from political or religious posts.

Ask Questions. People love this type of post. Who, where, what, why…

Answer the comments on your post. It’s very annoying when people comment on a post and they are not at least “liked”, a comment on the comment is even better.

That’s it from me for now.

Have a great day. don’t forget to leave a comment below on this blog. A share would also be great. Thanks in advance.


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  • I use peoples birthdays as a way of catching up on people I haven’t seen anything from in a while, I will visit their profiles and check out what I have missed. If there’s some interesting posts I will like and comnent but if I find there is nothing much since me wishing them happy birthday last year then I will unfriend them. That’s how I do friend a cull.

  • I am always surprised to hear people saying they want more likes and comments but they aren’t actually doing much to get there. They are not engaging and yet they want new likes/comments? How can this happen without engagement? Like any other thing, you need to give (in this case engage) before you can receive (get likes and comments).

    Asking open-ended questions is a great way to engage as it allows people to write a longer answer and maybe even start a little story. I think that posting every other day should be fine although posting daily is obviously the best.

    Creating a content planner helps a lot. This should contain a few controversial posts, a rant or two, a few post mentioning your business, etc. Making it diverse and helpful is the key.