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How To Go From Fearful To Fearless: Living Your Best Life, Unafraid

Being afraid serves no real purpose. Imagine being given just 70+ years to enjoy this planet, but spending many of those years with the handbrake on. Fearful of stepping into the unknown.

We no longer live in times of wild beasts roaming the Earth praying on young maidens. Of course, in this modern world, we may have identified new beasts, but the fear that lives within us is tampering with our lives and limiting what we do. We know it, but we continue to do it.

Let’s be honest, we all fear something. It could be a simple spider, or heights, or flying, it could be social fear, fear of connection. Whatever it is, although it appears as real to us, in realty, 99% of the time it isn’t.

Living Life On Hold

I’m not a psychologist but I can tell you how i’ve overcome fear myself many times in the past and below you will find something that works for you.

Step 1: Walk Into The Punch. Do it scared. If you are prepared to be scared (fearful) anyway, why not do the very thing using the same emotions, but this time don’t worry about the result. Ask yourself this question, “Will you die”? I know it sounds crazy but fear is often the result of your mind going into overdrive and fearing the result of what “might” happen, even though you know in your heart of hearts that the chances of “it happening” are almost zero.

Step 2. Ask Yourself What Is It Costing You? Freedom is expensive, it’s not free. It takes guts, sacrifice and the ability to walk into the punch. Everything you’ve ever wanted is almost certainly to be found on the other side of fear. Ask yourself, if this is not the case, “why haven’t I got it”? Or, are you just making excuses for yourself? I’m assuming you have been on this earth a few years…

If you haven’t done the “thing” yet, when will you do it?, or are you going to let it slide like most people? Are you “most” people?

If You Are Reading This You Are Not Like Everyone Else

Step 3. Make Friends With Your Spiritual Self. The Genie in the bottle is you, realise that as a wonderful human being you can do absolutely anything that is humanely possible. If another human has done it, so can you. Fear keeps us small, as it is we only use a small portion of our abilty, but mixed with fear, we are running on empty as human beings.

No one in this life was born to normal. you have been lied to, the system is there to keep people scared, this way politicians, the media and the education establishments can teach you to keep your head down, be a good citizen, vote for who you want to (joke), and behave.

The reality is, normal life for most people is a never ending struggle of paying bills, working for someone else so you can “earn” two days off at the weekend off. Those 70+ years you were given by the grace of God were not meant to be squandered. They were meant to be part of your adventure on this planet. sometimes, you have to put your head above the parapet and be counted.

How To Get From Fearful To Fearless

To move away from the fear zone toward becoming fearless requires courage. If you have been afraid of something all your life, you won’t cure yourself overnight. Notice I say “cure” as yes, I do believe fear is a sickness.

Take one step at a time. Face your fear and “decide” right here and now to overcome it.

Step 1. Whatever you fear, take the first step, don’t try to do everything today. If you fear flying, sign up for a “fear of flying course” take a short flight first. If you are afraid to start an online business, take the first step, but make sure you follow up by doing and completing each step. Set goals and give dates to work toward to achieve a result.

Step 2. Take a piece of paper and divide it down the middle. At the top, write down the very thing you are afraid of. Underneath this write down the course of action required to overcome this fear.

In the two columns below you write on the left side the positives of taking that action. On the right side you write down the negatives of taking that action. Get it all down on paper. Don’t skimp on this and use your computer, hand to eye coordination is very important as we wont to keep the brain active during this exercise.

Now decide.

Yes or No?

If you can get a more positive slant on it, maybe your fear was unfounded in the first place. Again, let’s be honest here, it’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that your brain has been looking for every reason NOT TO DO IT…

Fear stops you jumping off of building or walking down dark alleyways at night. Some fear is useful, but most fears are unfounded and harmful. We were not designed to live a “safe” life, some risk is healthy.

You’ll find, once you overcome one fear, it’s a lot easier to overcome them all. In fact, if you follow this plan, in a few months time, you could possible be totally fearless. Stranger things have happened. You should do it, you can do it, you will do it. I have every faith in you.

Have a great day.


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