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How To Get Out Of A Slump If You Lose Your Mojo

It happens to nearly everyone. One minute you feel fine, then all of a sudden you start to lose it.

Your mojo starts to take a dive, you feel YUKKY, possibly bored, bored with life even.

You feel like you’re going nowhere. This can happen no matter what age you are. You lose motivation, things you normally like doing are no longer of interest. In fact, you just can’t be bothered with it all.

Does this sound like you? Check with your doctor first, make sure you are not feeling run down due to lack of vitamins. OK, i’m assuming your Doctor has given you the all clear.. 

Your Mojo, what exactly does losing it really mean?. According to Google it means: To lose one’s confidence, energy, or enthusiasm, especially coinciding with a decline in one’s success. When you feel like you are in a slump, this is nearly always your mind sending you a message to alter your current actions.. 

Whatever the cause, boredom, mid life crisis, feelings of a lack of accomplishment, the effects are nearly always the same. You feel like an old record, going around and around, getting nowhere. Life becomes uninteresting, you may start to feel unworthy, but don’t worry, it’s fixable. 

Watch the video above for the full picture (it’s only around 7 minutes long). Here are 5 ways to help you free yourself from a slump. If you get value from this, don’t forget to share the post and leave a comment below. Ok here goes.


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5 Steps To Get Your Mojo Back

Step 1. Ground Yourself. This means, surround yourself with positive people. If you don’t know any, join a Facebook group that specialises in doing positive things. Stay farther away for negative people. 

Don’t stop seeing them entirely as there is a good chance they may be in your family. Try to see less of them. Listen to positive Audios, and positive motivating music. Stay away from the News, Newspapers and people that have a problem for every solution. Read positive books. Smile more. 

Get in the habit of smiling, people will automatically warm to you, and you will feel better when you smile, the brain releases endorphins which are “feel good” chemicals, just like when you eat chocolate. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Laugh more, watch crazy, funny movies, stay away from the World’s negativity. 

Step 2. Be careful how you speak to yourself. Always remember, your brain is listening. Don’t keep telling yourself you are no good or you can’t do something. Tell yourself how wonderful you really are (you are). Tell yourself you can do anything (you can). Be nice to yourself, don’t beat yourself up. 

Step 3. Take a break. Unplug your computer, switch off your phone and reconnect with nature. I’m often out in nature reconnecting with the Earth. It’s healthy and it’s positive. 

Sit down, be quiet and let nature unfold in front of you. You’ll feel better instantly with all that fresh air. One of my favourites is to go and sit down on the beach. Get a coffee and just sit there. Breathe all that fresh air into your lungs. 

Step 4. Reconnect with yourself. Often times, we get so busy in life, we forget what we are living for. Take stock of what you do have in life, not just the things you don’t have. Have you children, do you love dancing. Are you good at sports. Do you love just riding your bike?. Remember the things (and people) you love and be grateful for them. 

Step 5. Connect with others. Disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with that one crazy friend you haven’t seen in a while. Do something crazy, go hiking or camping. I often revisit places I haven’t been to in a while. I look up old friends I haven’t seen in ages and I change my routine. 

Routines can be good for discipline but not always good when you lose your mojo. Change things up. Alter your routine, do something different, find new interests, jump on a train, go places you’ve never been before. 

Staying the same, in the same place and hating your life can affect you mentally. Everyone needs a change at times. Change, but also be the change, change the way you think, refresh your thinking. I hope you enjoyed this post. 

All the best 


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  • I offer one observation and one suggestion. Observation = Liking the openness. Note it’s dated 2016. Personally – I skip the doctor bit – blitz bananas, honey and yoghurt into a pint glass – leave in fridge. Have that first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day. Add spinach to meals. Suggestion = The narrative on the page shows, about the video – “(it’s only around 7 minutes long)” – a possible replacement could be “(it’s ~7 mins long but seems to play well at 2x speed)”.?