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how to be extremely lucky

How To Be Extremely Lucky And Get Good Luck Fast

How to be extremely lucky.

Do you remember this quote?, “You might be walking around lucky and not even know it”. This quote is of course from the film “Let It Ride”, starring Richard Dreyfus.

Although the film is all about Horse Racing, being lucky in life, like Horse Racing itself is more of a science rather than 100% random. Although, it’s not an exact science

So how exactly do you get lucky, and more importantly, how do you stay lucky for the rest of your life?

How To Get Good Luck Fast

The secret to getting good luck fast is to first of all realise that although we can change our luck, around 5% of what happens to us is totally random and can’t be predicted. That leaves a WHOPPING 95% that can be changed.


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Luck is not a “thing” that’s out to get you. It doesn’t wait around the corner for certain people to attack with bad luck. Luck, good or bad starts from within ourselves.

As we are the creators of change, so are we the creators of luck. Millionaires and Billionaires are often told they were “lucky”, and maybe some of what they did was down to good luck, but in order to create good luck we must be constantly attracting it, not repelling it like a lot of people do.

How To Be Extremely Lucky

In order to attract good luck, you should be proactive, instead of being reactive. In other words, in order to attract good luck you must be prepared to meet it half way with effort. For instance.

If you are saying to yourself “there are no opportunities out there”, there are no jobs out there”, I always screw this up”.. and even more common “it’s just my luck”. You will attract the opposite of what you really want.

In other words, opportunities come to those who actively go after them, and when you actively go in search of them, you will get luckier as you go along. Life is a numbers game, always has been and always will be.

“I’m never lucky with girls”. Really?, how many have you asked out?, well – eh, one. It’s always the same, ask more, work more, do more and the good luck will show its face.

And better still. If you want to get even luckier, right now. Hang around with lucky people. If you complain a lot and hang around with complainers, guess what?, you’ll keep getting doses of bad luck. Like attracts like.

I truly believe there is a formula for everything. Another way of attracting good luck is to visualise SUCCESS. Don’t keep thinking about all the things that can go wrong (you’ll just attract them), think of all the things that can go right.

Here is my 5 step formula for attracting good luck

Be proactive in life, not reactive. The only thing that comes to those who wait is old age. Meet luck head on, always be looking for opportunities and keep failing until you succeed.

Be kind to yourself. Watch what you say to yourself. If you are continually beating yourself up all the time, bad luck will never be too far away. Look on the bright side, forget the past and move on.

Create friendships with lucky people. Don’t hang around with people who moan all the time, find people online and off who are getting on with their lives in a positive manner.

Visualise yourself being successful. I meditate twice a day (Morning and Evening). Imagine success, keep imagining and feeding your mind positive outcomes.

Filter out TV and other negative media. If your day is spent watching negativity on the box, or arguing on Facebook over politics it will eventually wear you down and you will be programmed for failure.

Bad things, bad thoughts attract more bad things – this in turn attracts bad luck, reverse this before it’s too late.

The news may be informative but do you really need to remind yourself daily of all the bad things that are going on out there?. Read good, positive books instead, watch inspirational movies – listen to inspirational music.

Have faith. Believe in yourself. You have the very key that can change your luck. Only you. Have faith in yourself and have faith in the future, no matter what is going on in your life right now. My favourite saying of all time is

“For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better, you have to make it better” – Tony Robbins

Change your thinking, and good luck will find you. Guaranteed.

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