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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

How To Tell When Someone Is Lying To You

Lying and deception are quite commonplace.

A 2014 survey commissioned by Readers Digest found that as many as 96% of respondents admitted to lying at some time or other. However, another survey conducted in the USA in 2009 found that only 60% of that group admitted to lying.

People who habitually lie are a much, much smaller group, possibly somewhere between 1 & 5% of people. Obviously it is very hard to get an accurate figure as even habitual liars won’t necessarily admit that they are.

Habitual Liars

These are people who lie over and over. Conmen (and women) become experts at this. As we all know, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

We live in a World where “getting away with it” is fast becoming the norm, and lying comes very natural to some people. However, on a positive point, most people only tell small white lies either to protect someone or to cover up their own inadequacies.

Unfortunately, there are certain people who use lying to hurt and deceive people.

In this short article, I will reveal to you the secret ways liars give themselves away. You will be able to tell if someone is lying to you with almost 100% accuracy.

Sometimes, good liars can even believe what comes out of their own mouths, and many liars do it without even thinking, These people are often delusional, living Walter Mitty existences.

How Can You Tell If a Person Is Lying To You?

Secret No 1. When looking at someone in the eyes. Check to see if their eyes are darting back and forth when questioned, this would look like someone searching for an escape route, which of course the liar is.

Another sign of lying is the rapid blinking of the eyes. when questioned. This again is a very nervous sign, as is closing the eyes for more than one second at a time before opening them again. The eyes can reveal a lot about whether a person is being honest with you.

Secret No.2. Another very good “tell” that someone is lying is when they start touching covering their neck or scratching their face when questioned. This indicates a nervous reaction to the question you asked them.

Secret No 3. A false smile. A natural smile produces laughter lines around the eyes but a false one doesn’t. It’s fake and may indicate they are either lying or about to.

Secret No 4. When someone goes on and on and gives you too much information, information that is not requested and especially an excess of details. There is a high probability that he or she is not telling you the truth. Liars often talk a lot because they are hoping that, with all their talking and seeming openness, others will believe them.

Secret No 5. Look for inconsistencies in their story. Ask them to go over specific parts of their account of things. This let’s them tell more lies as if it’s all made up, they will have to make fresh lies to cover what they have said previously. Make a mental note of what they are saying then ask the same question a few minutes later.

This is how police catch people out, they ask specifics of the story criminals tell them to eventually trip the liars up on their own lies.

I hope this short article helps you to get rid of any liars in your life. When people tell you lies they have no respect for you. You deserve better.

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