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Why Fear Is Costing You A Fortune

Have you ever asked yourself THE Question?, you know. That all encompassing question “Why me?” Why do I never get the breaks? Why am I not successful?, why is it so tough to get a breakthrough?

That’s a lot of questions. But the answer to nearly all of them stems from just one word – F.E.A.R False Evidence Appearing Real or Face Everything And Rise.

Here’s how I see it, if you live fearful, you’re always travelling 2nd class. If you bust through your fears you get to sample first class. It’s a full life upgrade the moment you free yourself from fear.

Let’s look at the top 3 fears today.

Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia): Many individuals feel nervous or anxious about speaking in front of a group of people. This fear can be related to concerns about judgment, performance anxiety, or a fear of making mistakes in a public setting.

Fear of Heights (Acrophobia): This is a common phobia characterized by an intense fear of heights. People with acrophobia may experience anxiety, panic attacks, or even vertigo when exposed to heights, which can limit their activities and impact their daily lives.

Fear of Failure: The fear of failure is a widespread concern that can manifest in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal goals. Individuals may fear not meeting their own expectations, the expectations of others, or the perceived consequences of failure.

It’s essential to recognize that fears are subjective, and what may be a significant fear for one person may not be as impactful for another. Additionally, individuals may have unique fears that are specific to their personal experiences and circumstances.

Now, let’s look at the Top 3 Personal Fears

Fear of Rejection or Abandonment: Many people fear being rejected or abandoned by those they care about, whether in friendships, romantic relationships, or familial connections. This fear may be rooted in a desire for social acceptance and connection.

Fear of Failure: The fear of failure is a pervasive personal fear that can manifest in various areas of life, such as work, academics, or personal goals. Individuals may worry about not meeting their own standards, facing judgment from others, or experiencing the perceived negative consequences of failure.

Fear of the Unknown or Uncertainty: Some individuals are deeply unsettled by uncertainty and the unknown. This fear may extend to various aspects of life, including career paths, relationships, or changes in circumstances. The discomfort with unpredictability can lead to anxiety and stress.

It looks pretty grim reading doesn’t it?. Do you recognise your own fears in any of the above. By having and holding on to that fear, what is it costing you?

Your Fears Are Your Fortune – The Explainer

The truth is, the reason that others are more successful than you is that they have found a way through their fears. Most successful people are no better at anything than you are. They’ve just found a way to step through their fears and do it anyway, even if that means doing it scared.

Everything new is scary, at first. You can either back off or you can just do it. Most fortune lies on the other side of fear as overcoming fear leads to better things. When you face the world fearless, you are unstoppable, no matter how many times you fail you won’t stop and freeze like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

Releasing fear is like releasing the brakes. Fear SUCKS, it stops good people from becoming great. the release of fear and the attainment of fortune go Hand In Hand, they are bedfellows, you can’t have fortune without releasing fear.

The world is a scary place if you really believe that it is. Some people won’t even step outside their front door for fear of being mugged. However, if you see the world for what it really is, a land of opportunity, you realise that people’s fears are mainly unfounded. Sure, there are evil people in the world, but most people are good. What’s really scary is the amount of time people give to being fearful.

Fear will drain you, it will capture your hopes and tear them into shreds..

Write down your top 3 fears starting with the scariest first. And the least scariest 3rd.

Tackle the least scariest first. Don’t think too long about it, the longer you think about something, the more likely is you won’t do it. Step into fear 3. Do it scared. Pat yourself on the back and now tackle fear 2. This is your 2nd scariest fear.

Ask yourself this question. Now you’ve annihilated fear 3, what else can I do?. The truth is, you can do a whole lot more. Once you’ve tackled fear 2. Go for the big one. Tackle fear No 1.

Do It Scared

People are scared of all sorts of things, once you’ve overcome yours, sell the solution to others. The self-improvement market is worth billions. People will always look to others for solutions. I did at first, but after a while you get confident enough to tackle things yourself. Information is the gold dust of the internet, tackle your own fears and help others to tackle theirs, this is how you make a fortune.

How do I know.?

Because I’m on my way to doing it. Sure I’m scared at times but I do it anyway, get comfortable with being uncomfortable because comfort never comes from a comfort zone, only pain comes from there. Find a need and feed it. Don’t ever feel you can’t do something, you can do it alright but you have to break down that fear, walk over to it and punch it in the face. Don’t live your life scared. You deserve better.

Play safe, be ordinary…

Be bold, be extraordinary…

Have a great day


P.S Let me know what you think in the comments below, have you done things scared?, are you breaking through your fears?

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