Keith Everett

The Magic Mind Hack That Can Drastically Change Your Life TODAY

You’ve been doing it all wrong…

What, you may ask..


What I’m about to tell you might seem obvious, but I’m baffled as to just how many people have all the answers to their problems locked up in their mind, but don’t know they are there. What follows is how to take the glaringly obvious from our minds and turn it into something wonderful

Are you ready?. OK, here goes..

First, the glaringly obvious:


Here’s why this is so powerful:

  1. If you aren’t complaining, your mind can think of the answers to the problem, instead of repeating the problems
  2. When you start focusing on your strengths, you re-program the mind to start aligning your strengths as the answer to your problems
  3. You are now actively re-programming your mind to look for opportunities aligned toward your strengths. This is assisted by your subconscious.
  4. Spending hours on end on the internet arguing with strangers over politics, religion or things on the news is such a waste of time. It causes stress and really programs you to be confrontational.

All from simply focusing on your strengths.

Now, probably most of us know this, but what do we do?, we carry on the same. It’s as if there is some kind of therapy in displaying our displeasure. I’m not saying we should never complain, just don’t make it your default. Many people do, they complain about absolutely everything. The universe does not treat these whingers, whiners and complainers very well. The more we focus on the lack of what we have, the more the universe gives you the same. In other words, the more you complain, the more you will have to complain about.

Instead. Focus on what you are good at, and if you’ve been around a few years, trust me, you are good at something. Your job, your occupation is not you, this is merely what you do to pay the bills,

No one has to settle for what they have or are doing right now. You are not a prisoner, you are just a prisoner of your mind. In other words, you think you are stuck, this is because you’ve run out of the right thoughts. No one needs to spin their wheels, yet millions do it every day.

Life rarely gets better by being the same..

Dig Deep – Your Future Self Will Thank You For It

Somewhere out there could be your future self thanking you that you didn’t give up. Thanking you that you focused on the things you are good at and turned those things into a much better life for you and your family. Anyone can live lazily, anyone can give up and give in, that’s the easy way out, except, it’s not really that easy at all.

Being broke is never easy.

Constantly playing catchup with bills is never easy

Doing the same job over and over again event though you hate it, is never easy.

Here is your wake up call. Inside that head of yours lies the world’s most powerful computer. Sure, you thought you were just a being with a brain who thinks, eats and sleeps, but you are so much more. Inside that head of yours lies the way to a fortune, a better life. Your strengths are your future fortune, what you know and do best can be turned into something very powerful.

The wealthiest writers on the planet didn’t know that their brains were capable of making millions until they did it. Everything you see feel or touch has probably come from someones imagination.

You owe it to yourself, and more importantly you owe it to your future self.

Just remember:


That’s it for now..

Have a great day.

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  • Agree with this 100% Keith! I’d also add, practicing gratitude at least once a day (but more is preferable) is essential. If you’re not grateful for what you already have (and we have SO much more than many of us realise) then you won’t receive more good stuff or achieve your dreams.
    Thanks for another great read.
    Gill 🙂