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20 Uncomfortable Truths About Life That Will Put You 10 Years Ahead

To be perfectly transparent, these 20 truths did not come from me. They came from Copywriting legend Alex – the Copywriting Dad, check him out on Twitter

These life lessons took Alex 11 years to figure out, you’ll need just 3 minutes to learn them all

Lesson 1. Focus on what matters, everything else will fall to place.

Lesson 2. Silence is a lot better than meaningless words.

Lesson 3. Let go of the past, you’re not going there.

Lesson 4. Treat pleasure and pain as temporary things and don’t let them define you.

Lesson 5. Everything you say and do will have consequences for you.

Lesson 6. The greatest victory is when you conquer yourself.

Lesson 7. Nothing is impossible, you just need to learn, practice and give yourself time to get better.

Lesson 8. Lower your expectations of people. This way, you’ll stop being disappointed.

Lesson 9. To get anywhere in life, you need to stop listening to your mind and start trusting your gut.

Lesson 10. The best thing you can learn is to learn from everyone and everything.

Phew, You Made it. 10 more Life lessons coming up…

Lesson 11. Never trust anyone too fast. The chances that anyone can betray you depend on the intensity of the dilemma that is presented to them

Lesson 12. Under everyone’s hard shell is someone who wants to be loved, appreciated and understood.

Lesson 13. You should never be too nice. Have limits and clear boundaries. People tend to manipulate the overly nice.

Lesson 14. Everything happens for a reason. Relax, watch and learn.

Lesson 15. Accept that life has challenges. Understand that complaining rarely solves anything.

Lesson 16. Love people and use money. Not the other way around.

Lesson 17. Take small steps in the right direction. No matter how small your steps, always keep moving towards your goals. You’ll get there in the end.

Lesson 18. Don’t seek validation, seek to become the best version of yourself. People will love you that way.

Lesson 19. You will experience setbacks when building your dream, these will be constant. Get up and face another day. Keep moving.

Lesson 20. Nobody will really believe your excuses, no matter how good they sound.

And Just For Good Measure – Here’s Some More

Lesson 21. Not everyone will like you and that’s OK. Some people will pretend to like you whilst silently hating you.

Lesson 22. The best way to get someone’s attention is to no longer want it.

Lesson 23. Everyone is capable of most things, however, inertia takes over and stops most people.

Lesson 24. Life is unfair. Only you can make people treat you better.

Lesson 25. If you think you can’t, you probably can’t. How we think is everything. your constant thoughts are attracting the rest of your life to you.

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