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The Crazy Story About a Man Who Traded a Red Paperclip For a House

You’ve probably heard many a strange story. There have been people who paid pennies for bitcoin in 2010 and are now multi millionaires, there are people who have become multi millionaires unboxing toys and phones on YouTube..

But, trading a red paperclip for a house?. Seems a little too strange to be true?.

It’s true. Well, it wasn’t a straight swap, it was a series of trades (or barters), 14 in all that led Kyle Macdonald to become a proud house owner starting with only a lowly red paperclip, here’s the story.

26 yr old Kyle was an unemployed blogger from Canada. One day while sitting at his desk, to ease the boredom he decided to see if he could trade the red paperclip sitting in front of him for something else.


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Using craigslist he decided to offer the paperclip in exchange for something else. Within a very short time, a woman from Vancouver answered his ad and offered to trade a pen shaped like a fish for the paperclip.

Kyle bartered the fish pen for a hand made doorknob from a potter in Seattle.

He then traded the doorknob for a camp stove to a man in Massachussets. He then traded the stove to a U.S. marine sergeant in California for a 100-watt generator.He exchanged the generator for an “instant party kit” which is an empty keg and an illuminated Budweiser beer sign to someone in Queens, New York.

He then traded the keg and Budweiser sign for a Bombardier snowmobile, courtesy of a well known Montreal radio host.

He bartered all the way up to an afternoon with legendary rock star Alice Cooper, a KISS snow globe and finally a paid role in a Corbin Bernsen movie called Donna on Demand.

Now, you might be asking, why would Corbin Bernsen trade a paid movie role for a Kiss snow globe?. Good question. Corbin Bernson happens to be one of the World’s biggest collectors of snow globes and this particular Kiss snow globe is very rare.

Now, the town of Kipling, Sask., located about two hours east of Regina with a population of 1,100, has offered MacDonald a farmhouse in exchange for the role in the movie.

MacDonald and his girlfriend flew into Kipling to offer the paid role to the townspeople and to accept the keys to

“We are going to show them the house, give them the keys to the house and then give them the key to the town and just have some fun,” said Pat Jackson, mayor of Kipling.

So there you have it. In this life, with a dash of imagination and a splash of luck, anything is possible.

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