Keith Everett

The Very Special Gift The Deadly Virus Covid 19 Left Us

To say that 2020 was a tough year would be an understatement. Who would have thought that within the first few months, toilet paper would be grabbed off the shelves and stockpiled, masks would be the latest fashion item, and our lives would be turned upside down, disrupted, and for many, totally devastated.

Covid 19 The Silent Assassin

The virus swept around the world like a silent assassin mercilessly killing it’s victims. The World gasped like lungs looking for oxygen, looking for answers but not knowing what to do.

No pandemic comes with an instruction manual. The World was in shock, people were dying in their droves, hospitals were overloaded to the point of collapse. It was like Halloween and every horror film ever made rolled into one.

Government leaders sucked their thumbs, Listen to the medical advice they said. We’re going to lock you down, they said. 

People mocked and jeered the politicians blaming them for not having all the answers, whilst silently fearing for life and the lives of their loved ones. 

“Who will be next” said the Grim Reaper. “I’ll take all of your vulnerable people first”. 

No one was safe. Would we all eventually be swallowed up and spat out by this invisible enemy?

People got to work. Carers cared, Nurses and Doctors filled the wards and braved the Covid stricken. When they fell asleep on their feet, new foot soldiers relieved them. We were at war, and wars create super humans.

But amongst all the turmoil, all the restrictions to our daily lives, the unemployment, the business shutdowns and school closures. The Devil’s virus left us with a powerful gift. 

The Gift of Caring. 

All of a sudden carers were our new heroes. We clapped them, we celebrated them and most of all, we respected them like we should have respected them all along.

Without the carers, the nurses and doctors, our great countries would have been sunk. Some previous pandemics have killed millions of victims, but although the numbers this time were shocking, this pandemic could have been a lot worse. 

Something else also happened. All of a sudden, shop clerks, restaurant servers, cleaners, truck drivers, bus drivers, police, the fire service, train drivers, garbage collectors, etc These people too have a new found respect with people.. After all, they kept us going. 

And now, as we approach 2021, with hope. We still have that precious gift. We can respect people more, we can tell people we love them more, we shouldn’t take a single day for granted. 

We are all in this life together, life is too short to criticize, hate or be mean others. Every single person has a place in the World, everyone is an equal and important part of this great jigsaw we live in.

2021 will be the great reset. 

Working from home will become more normal. Shopping on the Internet will increase, high street stores and shops will learn to keep up or disappear. People will find new opportunities to replace the jobs they lost. 


People will reframe their mindset to start thinking out of the box. Just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean it was the best way. A new, more positive year is just around the corner, let 2021 be the year of hope and new beginnings. 

All the best


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