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Hanalei Swan, The 11yr Old Girl Who Turned Down $11,000,000 Million Dollars

This is the story of Hanalei Swan, a feisty young girl who dropped out of elementary school, she is a world traveller, speaker and fashion designer. She achieved all this, not in her teens or twenties, but at the tender age of 11.

Listen to the video below, it shows a young girl with a head on her shoulders well beyond her age. It also shows a young entrepreneur that cares about the world.

She was born in the USA to successful parents, however even though she once lived in a Million dollar mansion, her parents had to sell up as they went broke and owed a lot of money. They sold everything, paid their debts off and with the money left over they went travelling.

In the first 11 years of her life she travelled to over 48 countries. Her parents used their previous online skills along the way to create income and to pay the expenses.

At the age of 7, she was asked “what do you want to become now”?, not “what do you want to be when you grow up”, she already knew what she wanted. She wanted to be a fashion designer. Borrowing just $20 from her parents she set about creating her fashion empire. With this $20 she made her own keychains and sold them at an event.

This was the start of her fashion empire.

This is Hanalei Swan’s website

This $20 eventually grew into a six-figure business.

Hanalei now has her own business coach and design management team. Her beautiful designs often sold out at fashion shows. A big highlight for Hanalei was appearing on “Shark Tank”. After explaining her business model and design concepts, she was offered $30,000,000 Million dollars for a 70% stake in her business, which she actually turned down.

Her business centers around eco-friendly products, made in Bali (her current home), and some of the profit her company makes goes to support several humanitarian projects around the world.

I think Hanalei’s story shows you here that even at a very young age, you can start an enterprise that could significantly change the outcome of your life. I’m always talking about the FACT that you’re NOT finished until you’re in your box and even at 60,70,80 or 90yrs of age, people have significantly altered their life-story. It is down to how you think, your thoughts are controlling your future and Hanalei is a good example of what can be done, even at the age of 11.

Once you start to believe in yourself, others tend to want to start believing in you.

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