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7 SECRETS To Wealth And Success The Rich Won’t Tell You

This is quite a long blog post and it took me an arm and a leg to write it… well, a couple of hours anyway…

This post itself is probably worth spending 9 or 10 minutes reading, the advice here could just “tip” you into direction of making a lot of money

If you stood up in front of a 100 people and asked them the question “Who wants to be rich?”, the chances are nearly everyone would raise their hand. If you then asked the question,”Out of those with their hands still raised, who would be prepared to do what it takes to get rich, even if that meant years of failure?

Many of those hands would then go down. This would leave just a handful of people who would say that they would be willing to do “anything it takes” to become rich. The reality is, most of that remaining group of people would eventually drop out, leaving one person who would eventually become what you could call Rich, by today’s standards.

The SECRET to getting Rich is to learn how to get comfortable with being Uncomfortable. This really is the main ingredient. And to be honest, most people are too busy looking to be comfortable, this is actually the opposite of what is required.

This is why only around one in a 100 achieves this.

Now, you might say, well, rich people live comfortably. This is true, but you never see how uncomfortable it was at first. You only ever see the “results” of possibly years of hard work eventually paying off.

The Richest Secret – The Formula For Success

If after reading the next couple of paragraphs, you still don’t improve your life, it was because you sat on your hands and ignored this advice.

SECRET 1. You can’t earn a million dollars with the same mindset you used to earn $20 an hour. Something has to change and it’s YOU. A million dollars isn’t going to drop in your lap and the chances of winning the lottery in the UK are around 14 million to one. You have more chance of earning it than you do of winning it.

Here are my figures, according to UK motivational coach Peter Sage, if you start a business, on average you would have have a one in 20 chance of success. Most businesses fail in the first three years, and although MOST never reach the million dollar mark, if you kept growing year on year you would probably have to make a million dollars eventually.

The problem is, people want things NOW.

Invest in your mindset. This is where the million dollars lies. Create a mindset that thinks bigger and one that leads to you doing BIGGER things.

SECRET 2. Know your value. People often complain about how some people in society are earning huge salaries. For instance, a footballer can earn £10 Million pounds a year or more, while a nurse may earn less than £40,000 a year, why is this?

Well, we know that the nurse is more valuable in terms of saving lives etc, but the professional footballer has a higher perceived value to the millions of people willing to pay to go and see them play football. In other words, an entertainers market value is perceived as being better. I’m not saying that it is, but it’s how the market values those people, rightly or wrongly.

How can we increase our value?. Raise your standards, & Increase your skillset. A surgeon earns more than someone who drives a taxi. A lot of people can drive taxis, not so many people can be surgeons. Not so many people can be professional footballers, hence the huge disparity in wages…

It might not be right, but being right doesn’t come into it.

Just starting a business will immediately increase your value to the marketplace.

Ok, let’s talk about you..

SECRET 3. Get out of your own way. Lose the ego and listen to others. I learnt 99% of the stuff I know about business over the last 40 years from others. So, why re-invent the wheel?

There are plenty of people out there who know how to make money. Ask them to help you. Don’t be a wallflower, wallflowers never get picked. In order to be in business, you need to get your face and mouth out there. Become visible and speak to people. Not everyone will help you, but some will.

The people who think they know everything are often the most broke.

The next step talks about people’s need to be right….

SECRET 4 . Let go of the need to be right. Ego will keep you poor. If you think everyone else is wrong, and you’re right, the chances are you have an ego problem. I’ve found that if you want to be rich, learn from those who are adding value to people’s lives and making a lot of money doing it.

Model those people.

When I sell books to people, I want people to get value from those books. Believe it or not, I’m not just in it for the money…. that’s a very short-term attitude.

I want those books to have a positive effect on people. When you sell a product or service to someone, you want them to remember you for the value you gave them. If your products are cheap and nasty, you might con a few people to buy them in the short-term, but those people will just refund and give you bad feedback on Social media.

REMEMBER: People are 10 times more likely to transmit bad news than they are good news. If you screw up – the whole world will know. If you do a good job, they will tell a few people.

You want to build good relationships with your customers. This is how you build a business that lasts.

SECRET 5. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Just because you invented some whizzbang product, it doesn’t mean people will rush out and buy it. You’ve probably heard that bullsh*t quote ““Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

This simply isn’t true.

Sell things that people want to buy and you’ll have a better chance of making money – but they won’t beat a path to your door. That’s where good marketing comes in.

Don’t just sell things that you like. Sell things that people are clambering over themselves to buy. FEED the hungry crowd..

Think about what your customers WANT, tailor your products to this. Most of what people NEED can be found in local shops, sell WANTS..

Coca Cola, Amazon and Walmart are some of the biggest companies in the world, but they still have to advertise. People don’t beat a path to their door unless the ads keep appearing. You have to constantly remind people how good your products or service is. Those who don’t advertise, usually leave all the business to those who do.

So many SECRETS… so little time..

SECRET 6. Most people are too busy earning a living to make any real money. So said Joe Karbo, Mail Order millionaire of the 1970’s. This is true, let’s look at facts. If you keep insisting on fitting in with what everyone else is doing, you’ll probably end up broke. Here’s why.

Although it’s a common thought, the majority are not always right. If this were true, everyone would be rich. Assume that if everyone is doing it, you will probably live a life of “normality”, which is the opposite of what you want if you are trying to become wealthy.

Working for someone else for 40 hours a week for 40 years is a losing strategy. Some people cannot afford to retire and just keep working until they drop dead. Don’t wait until death comes a knocking before you decide to change your strategy.

Working set hours suits many people, especially if you have a partner and/or kids. However, working for a set reward per hour means that it’s physically impossible to earn a fortune unless you are paid large amounts of money per hour.

Switch to business mode.

In business mode you can set up and create digital sales units online that can be displayed 24 hours a day all over the globe. You can make money while you sleep. This is how you can become rich, even when you are not physically doing the work.

OK, let’s switch back to worker mode.

In worker mode, you might get sick, maybe you might break your leg, or the plumbing goes haywire and floods the house. Many people do not have an emergency fund to service this problem. A large proportion of the working population spend most (or in fact more) of their monthly salary and are two pay-checks away from serious problems. This meaning, if they stopped receiving pay for two consecutive months for whatever reason, they could be in serious financial trouble…

OK, let’s go back to business mode again.

The savvy business guy or gal sets up her business on automation. She/he sells digital products on amazon, Etsy, Gumroad or from many other sales platforms… people buy and orders are automatically filled and dispatched. Even if you break your leg, have a heart attack (I pray you don’t), you’ll have money arriving into your bank account.

Doesn’t that sound a better proposition, rather than being held hostage to the whims of your boss?

OK, on to secret seven..

SECRET 7. I’ve saved the best till last. Get good at one thing – but use multiple modalities to sell it. This is often where people go wrong. I often hear people on the internet quote: “The average millionaire has 7 different sources of income”

I just want to put the record straight on this. NO millionaire starts out with 7 different sources of income. They get good at one thing first and then add RELATED businesses later on. Here’s the right way to have multiple sources of income..

Create different modalities to sell your product.


I’m in the publishing business. When I publish a book on Amazon, I create a Kindle (ebook) version first, then a paperback version then hardback. This gives me three different stream of income.

I then get the book recorded by a professional narrator and I add it to Audible. This creates another stream of income.

I then add the SAME book to other digital sales platforms. Setting up yet more streams of income. This way, you are creating more streams of income without creating new businesses or more products.

There is a guy on Twitter who was boasting the other day about how many books he has on Amazon. Guess how many books he has?

919. Yes, Nine hundred and nineteen.

Guess how many are making money…

5. and four of those are not making a lot. BUT, one is. A lot..

My point here is, you don’t need to create a thousand books to make a lot of money. You don’t need to go out and start 5 businesses. All you need to do is go out and do your research first and get good at one thing.

you can make a fortune with one book, if it’s the right book. You can make a fortune with ANY business, if you concentrate only on that business and use multiple modalities to sell and expand.

There you go.

This post is getting super-long, so I’ll leave it there..

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