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Ways To Be More Productive Working From Home

7 Powerful Ways To Be More Productive Working From Home

There is being busy and there is being productive, they are often confused as being the same, but of course they aren’t. You often hear entrepreneurs saying things like, “I worked 18hrs a day for 6 years before I became rich”.

But, in those 18 hours a day, how much work did you actually do? I could sit at my desk all day for 18hr and proclaimed that i’ve been working. Yes I was busy but I didn’t do 18hrs worth of work.

Did you know that many people who work in a paid working environment like a job would actually get fired if they were paid on the actual work they did. Some work gets done, but the rest is padding.


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I’m not knocking it, the rate of pay people get reflects this, but when people become Entrepreneurs, the game changes. You are now the boss and you can’t afford to mess up your enterprise by being shabby with your working hours.

So, here goes

How To Be More Productive Working From Home

  1. Don’t multitask. Trying to do more than one thing at a time isn’t clever, and often not very productive. I’ve been guilty of this many times and it only leads to spending less time and having less concentration on each task. Shut off your smartphone, stay away from Social media, just concentrate on the one thing.
  2. Create a list every evening before you go to bed of every task you are going to complete the next day. Put the hardest one first, you will want to deal with that early in the day so you don’t procrastinate or dread doing it. Whatever happens throughout the day, this task is your most important one and must be done.
  3. Write a STOP doing list and stick to it. This is a list of the unproductive things you do during the day. It could be answering emails, looking at your phone 50 times a day, spending hours on Facebook, watching daytime TV. Whatever it is, be aware of what this is costing you as you are probably wasting hours a day doing it. Cut it out. Delegate some time each evening to do these things.
  4. Have a separate workspace from the rest of your family. You probably love working from home as you get to see more of your family. However, especially in the early stages of any home business you do need to create a wedge between work and play. Create a quiet working environment away from pets, children and partners.
  5. The Pareto Principle. I think most people have heard of the Pareto 80/20 formula, but just in case you haven’t. It works on the principle that for instance, 80% of the success we get comes from 20% of what we do. Knowing and believing this should give you the idea to sift through what you are doing both now and in the future and concentrate only on the 20% of things in your business that you expect to produce the best results. This one tip alone could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.
  6. Create your plan for the Week. Every Sunday create a weekly plan. Although you have a daily list of tasks that you create every evening, it’s always a good idea to plan your week in advance. Having daily tasks are one thing but having a weekly goal is also a great idea to be more productive. By knowing what you want to achieve for the week gives you the ideas to create daily tasks. The daily tasks are the building blocks, the weekly task is the completed wall.
  7. Show up each day SUPERCHARGED. It’s no good showing up for work each day if you are tired and run down. Get plenty of sleep. Get up early ready and willing. Create an early morning routine where you exercise, meditate and hydrate yourself with water. Get into the zone early, put on some motivational music and look forward to the day.

I hope these tips help to turn you into a super productive person. They work for me and i’m sure they will work for you too. If you found this post super useful, please do share this post, lots of people are looking to double their productivity.

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