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7 Crazy Ideas That Have Made Over a Million Dollars Each

Idea No 1. In 1975, Advertising executive Gary Dahl got fed up with friends complaining about their pets, so he decided to create the Pet Rock. A crazy idea that used smooth stones cultivated from Rosarito Beach in Mexico and shipped to customers in cardboard boxes with breathing holes and straw for the Pet Rock to lie on.

1.5 Million Pet Rocks were sold at a cost of $3.95 each.

Idea No 2. Cats make people happy, they can also be very profitable as people love pictures and memes of Cats. Eric Nakagawa, a software developer was having a hard day at work and he asked his friend Kari Unebasami to send him something to cheer him up.

His friend sent him a load of cat photos and memes, the most popular one being the British Shorthair cat with the crazy slogan “I can has Cheezburger”. The two guys created a website for cat photos and cat memes and at one stage they asked people to add their own pictures.

The site was so successful that they sold it in 2007 for $2 Million to an Internet Entrepreneur. Cats eh?, can’t live with them, can’t live without them, lol.


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Idea No 3. Johnny Cupcakes. You probably think this is a story about a guy called Johnny who made a million selling cupcakes. WRONG!. It’s the story of a guy called Johnny Earle who started selling T.Shirts at a Boot fair in 2001.

His colleagues at Massachusetts based pop culture comic shop where he worked nicknamed him Johnny Cupcakes after he produced his first T shirt with Johnny Cupcakes on it. From then on in there was no stopping him.

He became so successful he invested in premises, decking them out to look like a bakery and blowing the sweet smell of baking pastry into the shops. He sold numerous different clothing items from T Shirts to Hoodies under the Johnny Cupcakes brand.

He is currently worth $3.8 Million. All this from selling T Shirts with a weird brand name.

Idea No 4. Ugly Fake Teeth. Founder of Billy Bob Teeth Inc, Jonah white and his partner had a dream of becoming rich by selling fake ugly hillbilly teeth. In 1994 they borrowed the cash to manufacture 6000 pairs of Fake Ugly teeth and sold them up and down the USA at Boot Fairs, Flea Markets and just about anywhere they could get a pitch.

They averaged out around $2000 – $4000 in sales per day with one day grossing over $17,000 in sales. Apparently once people started putting in the fake teeth, people were curious to know where the Hillbilly teeth came from.

By 1998 they were making over $2 Million a year.

They made over $50 Million dollars in total selling over 20 million pairs of teeth in over 150 countries. This included licensing deals with Miley Cyrus and the Austin Powers character. This reminds us that your product doesn’t have to be pretty to become a Smash.

Idea No 5. Plastic Wishbones. In 1999, Ken Ahroni launched his Lucky Break plastic wishbone company after seeing people at a Thanksgiving dinner quarrel over who should pull the wishbone.

Commonly though of as a myth and created out of folklore, pulling the Turkey wishbone and getting the bigger half is meant to bring you good luck. Ken Ahroni brought this concept to a whole new level by selling plastic wishbones for $3 each.

At it’s peak, Kens plastic wishbone company was bringing in over $2.5 Million a year.

Idea No 6. Santamail. There are millions of children around the World who would love a personalised letter from Santa Claus. registered an address at the North Pole Alaska, and created a website that took orders for personalised Santa Letters to children at $9.95 a time.

This enterprise has now sent out over 500,000 personalised Santa letters creating $5 Million in revenue.

Idea No 7. I Wear Your Shirt. During the recession of 2008, Jason Zook came up with the idea of wearing company shirts for money. He invented the company which lasted till around 2013 and made over $1M in revenue.

It was a simple concept. Over a five year period Jason worked with multiple shirt wearers and over 1600 companies. Jason and his many shirt wearers would wear the shirts of specific companies and create videos and other content to share on Social media to promote those companies.

It just goes to show you that with a little creativity and some hard work, it is possible to create millions of dollars (or any currency) from very little (or zero) capital. People just want to be Wowed & Amazed..

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