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Self-Publishing, How I Published 11 Books In 12 Months

Self-publishing can be a fun way of finally getting your book “out there” and making some serious money in the process. Self-publishing is on the increase, many people who got fed up with losing money in the pandemic saw that the self-publishing industry is virtually recession-proof.

In fact, I think Jeff Bezos’s Amazon made even more money in the pandemic, as many people were stuck at home.

Gone are the days when you had to hustle your way around publishers to try and get your book published, then, if you were lucky enough to get accepted, you had to accept a mere pittance from the sale of each book for the pleasure of doing so..

Those days are long gone.

Self-publishing is the new smart way of getting books into people’s hands.. people are literally turning books into bucks.. all by self-publishing.

Self-Publishing Secrets

So, how did I manage to publish so many books in so little time?. Well, I can’t write at 1000 miles an hour so I got some help. I have a ghostwriter for some of my books, I have various narrators for my audiobooks, and if you put them all in a big pot and stir it anti-clockwise, you get a BIG pot of MAGIC!…

Here’s the formula..

Write a book yourself whilst getting a book written by a ghostwriter. You may have to write a couple (or more) books yourself before you see any revenue coming in. Maybe more. Full transparency, some people don’t make a penny from self-publishing..

however, some smart people do.

Self-Publishing Books From The Beginning

This is how it all started… (pay attention now at the back of the class)..

Back in 2020 a little before the pandemic started to take hold, I invested a ton of money in the forex markets. By 2021 a large chunk of that had GONE… never to be seen again. Was I downhearted?, yes, a little but the size of your financial loss is really only equal to the size of your thinking.

If you lose a large chunk of money and it makes you depressed and turn to drink, you probably need to expand your thinking and earn at least two chunks a month so that if you lose one, it won’t be your whole world caving in.

Anyway, I digress. I lost this big chunk of money (I talk a lot more about this in this book) so instead of shutting up shop and weeping into a pillow over my fifth glass of Sauvignon, I decided to kick on and get busy.

I needed a new income stream. A new online business.

BOOM, That business was self-publishing.

To be perfectly transparent, I had been thinking about writing a book for a long time prior to starting the self-publishing business, I had also joined a self-publishing course to get some knowledge on the subject..

Book 1. This took forever, I got it so wrong on many occasions I almost threw the laptop out of the window. I finally got this published in April of last year (2021). It’s called Money Mind Crush and is about my experiences in business over the last 40 years. It’s designed as a book to both inspire and give you a roadmap to financial success. Hence the name.

Book 2. This is a book called Awesome Kindle Book Ideas. This is a much shorter book, (around 48 pages) I wrote this book off of the back of my experience of writing my first book. I simply noted down how I was finding ideas etc, then wrote a book about it. As you progress along the self-publishing journey you have many opportunities to write about how you got there.

Book 3. This is a book called Millionaire Mind Crush. So far up to this point, I had been writing the books, I also wrote this one but I magically did it in 5 weeks, working 2 solid hours a day without any interruptions.. Just, total focus. There was no more procrastination like on my very first book, I just basically got on with it. The book is self-help and is about how to increase any business both online and offline, and how to increase your mindpower in the process..

And this is where I started to use leverage.

Over the next few months, I started to use the earnings from previous books to finance a new book nearly every month. I produced a further 8 books. And went on to have each book produced as an audiobook. Where a lot of people go wrong in this business (and any business) is, they start to withdraw money from it far too soon. This is how a lot of businesses go broke, the owners look at them as a cash machine.

Keep the money in the business, keep your job for now and keep new books coming in every month or so if you can. This is the key.

Over the last 12 months, I have managed to publish 5 books under my own name (see here)

And 6 books under my pen name. These were all written by a female ghostwriter. (see here)

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Have a great day.


P.S If you want to learn more about the self-publishing business and how you can make good profits from it, click this link.