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How To Quit Your Job – The NAKED Truth

Should everyone quit their job?. NO.

Is everyone capable of quitting their job and working for themself?. NO.

Why not?

For a start, some people really need to be in a job environment. Although there is no such thing as job security these days, having a job is perceived as being more secure than working for yourself. It is this perception that stops people from taking the plunge.

In reality, strange events happen, wars, pandemics, recessions, booms, and busts in the housing market, there are many unpredictable events that can affect us all financially. Often or not, the biggest risk of all is not taking any.

The job market pays you the going rate for the job, whereas being self-employed and running a business tends to pay you for the value you give.

Here’s the difference. To earn more money in a job, you either have to beg for a raise or work more hours. To earn more money in a business you have to increase the value to your customers and by doing so, you tend to increase the number of customers willing to pay you.

The amount of money in your life is merely a reflection to the amount of value you have given to others. — DeMarco MJ. The Millionaire Fastlane

Money goes where value flows. Everything else is simply trading time for money.

How To Quit Your Job At Any Age

My dad quit his job when he decided he could do a better job than the company he worked for. He was an electronics representative. The products he sold were used in the leisure and gaming industry for their fruit machines, also known as “one-armed bandits.

Each customer had to purchase a very large minimum quantity per order and customers often complained to him that the minimum requirement was far too much. My dad told his boss about the problem but was ignored. A few months before his retirement he set up in business selling the same products in smaller quantities. His only regret was that he hadn’t done it earlier.

My point here is that working for a boss takes a huge chunk out of your life. This is time you can’t get back. You don’t have to up sticks and tell your boss to “shove it” today. You can ease yourself into self-employment gradually by starting a business part-time..

How To Quit Your Job – Living Before You Die

Every day that I worked for someone else I kept asking myself “Is this really how I want to spend my life”?

You see, I think we all live under false beliefs. No one is fully prepared for any financial difficulties along the line. We work 5 days a week to pay bills and enjoy the weekend. For around 40 to 50 years, we exchange 5 days of our lives over and over just to get 2 to ourselves.

We make enough to pay the bills and often spend what’s left over (if anything). .

Is this really living?

Well, you might say “well, what’s the alternative”?, I’ve got three kids and a mortgage.

That’s true, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking your life back and taking back control. The only thing really stopping you is YOU.

Do you think all entrepreneurs are young, single people with no commitments?. You might be surprised to learn that MOST entrepreneurs are committed up to the eyeballs. They have partners, kids, bills, and mortgages. That’s why entrepreneurs are the way they are. They see a better life and they want it, so they go after it.

Most people die borderline broke. Only around 1 person in a 100 retires financially free. 1 in a 100.

4 in a 100 have to sell their property on retirement and downsize. The other 95% are either broke or heavily in debt and broke. And that’s after working 40/50 years. You see people all the time, having to choose between heating and eating in retirement because the money they receive each month is so low.

This is REAL… it sounds like a horror story, AND IT IS!

How much money are you accumulating in savings?, how much money are you investing for your retirement?. People are living longer now, you will need hundreds of thousands to keep you going through your retirement years.. The only way out is UP – J.O.B stands for Just Over Broke. It keeps the wolf away from the door, but only just.

It’s not all gloom and doom. There is always a way out. Work for yourself, even if it’s just part-time. Work from home, it’s what a lot of people do these days..

HOW?.. read this..

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