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Self Love Is Better Than No Love At All

Self-love is not a vanity project. It’s not male or female, it’s simply something we really all need as human beings. Love is a powerful currency and without it, it can feel like a very lonely life.

Maybe the love of your life left you, maybe your siblings never seem to contact you much nowadays. Perhaps your friends are too few to mention. The main thing is, you always have you.

If you love yourself enough. you are never alone.

Believe it or not, although we can all use some company now and again, we don’t actually need another human being to complete us. We are already complete, we just have to convince ourselves of this fact.

Love Yourself Deeply – You Attract What You Feel

I want you to imagine walking into a crowded room with a big smile on your face. You feel good. You see people looking at you, see their faces, someone taps you on the shoulder and introduces themself. You spend the next 30 minutes deep in a wonderful conversation.

Now, I want you to imagine going into the same room with a frown, you feel low, you feel down. Your eyes look sad. People are staring, they wonder why you look so sad. People ask if you are OK. You feel nervous, maybe people talking about you?

Do you FEEL the difference?

This is what you are creating and feeling every day of your life. You are either radiating love and positivity or you are sending out negativity, desperation, and a feeling of insecurity. The world is using you as a simple mirror, reflecting your moods and responding to your feelings.

If you spend your days complaining about others, don’t be surprised to receive negative energy toward you.

How you feel about yourself tends to be a reflection of how you feel about the world. People who love a lot tend to love themselves a lot. In order to give, you have to have it in the first place, and if you have no love for yourself, how can you give it to someone else?.

Send Out What You Want To Receive

Like yourself, others will like you. Love yourself, the whole world will love you.

You may not have a lot of friends, but you will always have you, when you are happy with yourself you will always attract the people you want. If you keep attracting the wrong people into your life, ask yourself why that is?

Is it because you are afraid of being alone?

Is it because you lack confidence, and you feed off of the confidence of others?

Do you need others to love you to fill that void within?

Loving yourself is not selfish. Self-love creates confidence, confidence is something that not only makes you feel ALIVE, it’s also something that others find attractive. The world moves in the right direction when love is at the forefront, people who love themselves tend to have a great love for others and this shows in their actions.

Love conquers all.

Self-love will conquer your inner demons…

Happy days..


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