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The ONE Thing That Can Get You Everything

And that one thing is?..

One thing (of course), allow me to explain.

You have far better odds of being good, dare I say GREAT at something, if you set out to do one thing and one thing only. In this distraction-orientated world of swiping up and down on social media, answering emails whilst eating lunch, and looking at the phone screen whilst trying to hold a face-to-face conversation with a friend you invited over.. Is it any wonder we get good at being distracted, but not very good at focusing on the one thing that we should be doing?

We are not only being driven to distraction, we are being driven to failure.

It stands to reason, to get anything in this life, you have to be damn good at it. If you are juggling 4 things at once, you are only going to ever give a small percentage of your time to each of the 4 tasks… after all, we all only have 24hrs in the day…

Why not give ALL of the time you have available to one thing? Multitasking is not the key to success, it just makes you look busy.

The One Thing

It is quite common to quote a common piece of knowledge, and that is that many millionaires have multiple streams of income. This is true to a point, but they didn’t start that way. Many people adopt this “throwing darts at a dartboard” kind of attitude to success, they spin the wheel of their future and gamble on luck – where they believe that if they try several things at once, they are bound to hit the bullseye eventually.

This is a kind of “shotgun” approach to doing something which really doesn’t work at all, concentrated focus over a sustained period of time hits the jackpot. Of course, you may find someone who has made this scattered approach work, but for every 100 people that try it, probably 99 fail.

So, here’s how the “one thing” is really the only way to get it done.

As Yoda says ” Do or do not. There is no try“. I know Yoda is a fictitious character but this is probably one of the best pieces of advice ever. If you are going to do something, do it properly.

The Formula

Step1. Decide on what it is you really want to achieve. Don’t attempt to do anything half-heartedly, you are better off NOT doing it if you are not going to give it 100%

Step 2. STOP messing about trying to do two, three, or four things at once, you’re not a juggler in a circus. You are setting out on a journey where you WILL achieve your aim. The way to do this is to have nothing stand in your way of success, you have 100% belief you can do it.

Step 3. Do the ONE thing till you achieve it. When it goes wrong (and it probably will), re-adjust the strategy. You can only fail if you give up or run out of time, you CAN’T fail if you are determined enough to keep going through the rough or smooth. REMEMBER: change the strategy if the current one isn’t working, but NEVER, give up or change the goal.

The Sad Truth

Most people can achieve almost anything, but they don’t. If they could only get over themselves. Most people tend to give up far too soon when things get uncomfortable, this is not the time to give up, this is the time to keep going even harder or change the strategy. The only way to push through is to complete the course. Those who give up halfway only wished they could have it, if you are determined enough, you’ll complete the course.

If what you want is out there, it will be yours, however, don’t expect anyone to hand it to you on a plate, success is made up of a single purpose, laced with failure, sticky and stinky in the middle, but wonderful in the end.

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