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Shiny Lemonade Sandwiches

OK, cool title, but what the #F does it mean?. Read on, I can’t explain it all in just one sentence. 

Back in the late 1970’s we had an explosion. No, it was nothing to do with my dietary habits, it was all to do with jobs. Back then the “labour exchange” or “employment exchange” as they were known, were just being renamed as a “Job Centre”. 

The Job centre back then was a kind of a dreary place, full of grey people, all with a kind of glazed look about them. People back then looked like they had just come off a production line. Very industrial. 

Jobs were plenty. I should know as I had many. But to be honest, it was my daily round of sandwiches that saved the day. This very clever food fest saved me from many a dull dreary career. 

Shiny Lemonade Sandwiches – My Love-Hate Relationship With Jobs

Although my entrepreneur days began when I was 13, I still had to live. At 16, 17, 18 etc, your hormones are still buzzing around your head. I was really a young boy striving to be a man. 

My thoughts were all over the place.. 

Did I tell you I loved sandwiches?

OK, I digress. 

I would start a job, go in at some ungodly hour of the morning – (as a teenager, six o’clock in the morning was the middle of the night) and I would start grafting.. 

After around 10 minutes into the job, if I hated it,  I would say to the boss or whoever was in charge, “I’m just going to get my sandwiches” and,  WHOOSH. I would jump in my car and drive off. GONE.. like the wind.

Now, I know that doesn’t sound very nice, but in my teenage days, I was looking after Number 1, and thinking of other people was low down on my list.  

So, what with all this driving off and starting a new job every day, my life was getting very tiring and confusing. Fast forward to today, the shiny object is kind of the same thing. When things are in plentiful supply, we tend not to respect them as much as if they were scarce. 

Shiny Lemonade Sandwiches – The Fear of Missing Out FOMO

To put it simply, if we have too many choices, we tend to want to switch from one to the other, rather like a buffet of Chinese food, bad decisions are made if the choices are plenty. 

When there is the option to have a job a day (this doesn’t really exist, these days) we pick and choose until we don’t really know what to do. With shiny objects, we do the same, people buy shiny objects, probably do nothing with most of them, and as soon as the next shiny object appears… BOOM!, they’re off.. 

If I learnt anything from this experience it was, yes we all need an income. A job serves a purpose. It provides money for bills and a few extravagances but some people (like myself) are just not cut out to work for others.. 

Oh, and what about the lemonade?, you must be wondering about that? simple, just like the saying, when life gives you lemons, turn it into something useful (like lemonade)

When life throws you problems, use that experience to create something better. 

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All the best


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