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Betting On Yourself – How To WIN At Almost Anything


Betting on yourself. That initial starting point to winning is to be willing to pay the price for success. I know of no one yet who has created any great success in their life who hasn’t had to change a large chunk of their life to achieve it.

I do however know several people who have expected to achieve great things in life without them actually changing or altering anything in their present life.

The two things go hand in hand. Winning or life altering means altering your life to fit those changes in.

Betting On Yourself – What Does It Mean?

When you are truly betting on yourself you are backing yourself each and every time to be successful. Your head is not filled with doubt, you are confident in your ability to achieve the outcome you want.

People who consistently get this wrong generally look at change as something that they would like to happen but not something they will make happen. The difference is huge.

I want you to think back for a second. Have you ever started something in the past that you haven’t completed?. Maybe it was a course, a business, maybe it was martial arts or some other sport?. What would have happened had you kept going?

This is the problem. People are often starters but not so often do they become finishers. It’s like a horse race, all the horses usually start but at the finish – this is what counts. Winning means finishing, it means completing, and the only way to do this is to put 100% into it.

Betting On Yourself – What Makes a Winner

It starts with desire. Without the desire, not much is going to happen. To get a result we all have to invest in ourselves. How much do we invest?. The answer is whatever it takes. It’s not a one off payment, you don’t go to the gym once and stop, you keep going. It’s the same with betting on yourself, you keep going until you get the result.

Life is a series of results, good or bad.

Quitting continually, only makes you good at quitting. When the going gets tough most people quit. This is why most people don’t get what they want, they spend too much time on things that don’t really matter and not enough time on things that really do.

Most people would like to be millionaires, but most people view the Lottery as the answer. You have more chance of becoming a millionaire by creating a business than it is to actually win it on the Lottery.

The EuroMillions Lottery has odds of around 14 Million to one to hit the Jackpot, whereas by betting on yourself and starting a business, the odds would be far less to actually becoming a millionaire.

A word of caution here. What comes easy to people tends to lose it’s worth after a while. This is why many Lottery winners end up broke after a few years.

Learn to pay the price in advance, it’s what Entrepreneurs do. Accept nothing less than the result you desire. Invest in yourself, invest money into your business, don’t be afraid to do this – and be prepared to work hard at it.

I can’t remember how much money i’ve lost on various ventures that failed, but by far these have been outweighed by capital gained from winning ventures. Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s all part of the winning process. Winning comes from several failures.

If you have what it takes to stay the course, if you have a strong desire, if you can work without seeing immediate results and you can invest in yourself regularly, you can achieve just about anything in this life.

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