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The Magical Power of Money – It’s Not What You Think

Money – One of life’s mysteries. We all need it yet many pretend they don’t. Is it the root of all Evil or am I just misquoting the Bible on purpose?.

Money has been many things to me, it’s arrived in buckets and on other occasions it’s been missing in action. The truth is, I still want it and i’m not ashamed to say so. 

The politics of money is something quite Bizarre. On the left we have people hating on those who have it, in fact often quite hypocritically vilifying those who pay their wages and make those much loved items they wear. On the right we have those who seem to think that money maketh a better person. Looking down their noses at the lower classes like stuffed turkeys on a Christmas day. 

Money – Green With Envy?

For me, I see the 360 degree view. Money is not bad or good, people who have it or don’t have it are not bad or good, what makes us bad or good is us, not the money. 

But money does have an odour. A mystical smell of something good. Is it the sweet smell of success or the stench of envy?. 

In the last 40 years of owning businesses and working jobs I never once thought it would be quite nice to have less money. I never once envied people with money.. WHY?

Because when you hate on people for how well they’ve done, you’re really admitting to yourself that you will never do that. It’s almost an admission of failure. Most people are not born with privileges, they just realise you have to work your way to the top instead of pretending that it’s some kind of privilege bestowed on the privileged. 

Money – It makes people do bad things, and als it makes people do wonderful things. I wonder if anyone from the “I hate people with money” brigade ever stopped and thought how worse off the World would be if no one out there ever became an Entrepreneur. 

Think of how much fun it would be for everyone to be working for the Government. 

Think of all the Billions of pounds or Dollars that charities wouldn’t have.. Charities rely on large donations from Capitalists.. 

Money is Magic. It can produce miracles. It won’t stop you bleeding but you’ll get a better bandage. It won’t stop you dying but it might lengthen your life if you can afford the best treatment and during your life you can afford the healthiest foods. 

Money is a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand most people want more yet on the other hand, even though they know how to make more, they don’t. 

Me, I exchange skill for money, Bank Robbers exchange time in prison for money. Some people only do enough work to not get fired, others work their ass off for very little. We all have a choice, we can envy the Rich or we can become them. 

I hope this post gives you a little insight into the complexities of thought surrounding money. We all have opinions, I would love to hear yours in the comments below. 

All the best


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