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How To Be a Master at Persuasion

The power of persuasion. We’ve been using it without realising it since we were knee high to a grasshopper. We cried when we couldn’t get our own way, this usually led to mum (or dad) giving in and letting us have it. We then associated crying with getting our own way.

Years later, we still use persuasion to get what we want.

The idea is to get someone around to your way of thinking and to help them make the transition from A to B.

To be persuasive, centuries ago, Aristotle spoke of 3 different types of proof that were used by persuasive people: 

  1. Ethos – Ethical, Character and Reputation
  2. Pathos – Emotional Appeal
  3. Logos – Logical 

Persuasive people of today tend to use a combination of all 3 of the above. So how do you persuade people to do what you want them to do?.

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How To Persuade Someone To Do Something

Gentle persuasion, the art of moving people from point A to point B should be a combination of showing your ethics, connecting to someone with empathy and showing a logical path. It’s the art of helping someone to come to a favourable decision for them, but one that you want to.

Many unsuccessful salespeople are unsuccessful because they try to batter someone into a favourable position for them, not the client. Clients are not cash machines, they are real people with real feelings.

You need to keep a person’s attention on what you are saying. When we speak, only around 40% of that conversation is actually going in to a persons memory and as a person thinks more quickly than a person can talk, there is plenty of time for them to lose concentration and start to get distracted.

You must keep people focussed on what you are saying. Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you told them (a summary). This keeps people focussed on your words.

Always empathise with the person you wish to persuade, mirror that persons tone of voice (tonality) and without making it obvious mirror that person’s mannerisms too, to a certain extent (don’t go overboard).

How To Persuade Someone – The Elements Of True Persuasion

True persuasion is when a person does something because they feel good about it, they can see themselves doing it and as you speak, they are convincing themselves that they want to do it. Once the prospect gets to this stage, don’t blow it by over talking or boring them to death. If it’s a sale, sign them up there and then, assume it’s done and dusted. if it’s you convincing a friend, they should now be at the point of agreement.

In order to take that person through the journey from A to B, emphasise your credentials (character & reputation), let them see and feel the benefits (emotional appeal), and finally let them see the logic in making the decision. When a person comes to their own decision and wants what you are offering, it is truly sold.

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