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Bye Bye Money – Why Your Money Left You Without Even Saying Goodbye

I started out with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left” – Unknown

I don’t want to get weird here (OK, I will), but our relationship with money and how we treat it is kind of like, how we treat people in general

WHOA!, did he just say money and people are alike?.

NO, that’s not what I said. The relationship you have with money is very similar to the relationship you have with people, that’s what I said..

If you look after your other half, soulmate, better half, whatever you call them, they will stick around and probably love you forever. However, if you treat them like sh*t, they won’t be there for too much longer.

It’s the same with money. If you lose respect for money, it leaves. Plain and simple.

People deserve respect. So does money. Perhaps we think our current flow of money (a job) will always be there, we see no problem with spend, spend, spend till it’s all gone. Many people give no thought at all to the well drying up or a home emergency.

Paycheck To Paycheck – Dust To Dust

63% of Americans in 2020 said that have been living paycheck to paycheck since Covid 19 hit our shores.

With money, if you use it to increase your existing money, it opens up a whole new world of opportunities and can possibly shave years off your working grind. However..

If you waste it, you will still have to keep working until you’re old, and possibly beyond that, some people work until the day they die. The conveyer belt program of work may never end until you reach your sell-by date, as you plop gently into the grave with your boss’s call still ringing on your mobile phone, asking you to come in on Sunday.

Thus you are no more. Just a Lifebook of work.

Money is a growth engine, it’s designed as a means of exchange, but it can also be used to make more. It likes company and likes to reproduce.

In the golden olden days, you could exchange three cows for a dozen sheep or vice versa. Then they realized that not everyone wanted cows and sheep, and that someone might just want a dress or a shirt, this meant the current cow to sheep exchange system was flawed, and in the end, this method of exchange went out of the window, literally.

Someone had to come up with something that had a specific value, something whereby if you fancied it, you could buy a box of chocolates without exchanging goats or cows for it.

Then EUREKA! the coin was born. It was a heavy SOB at first, weight as much as a stop sign, but eventually they scaled it down to a coming and soon, notes followed.

Ever since then people have saved it, wasted it, got wasted on it, killed for it, and died for it. Money got blamed on everything, but it was people themselves, who pulled the trigger.

Lack of money is simply spending more than you earn. If you spend less than you earn, you’ll always have more. If you invest wisely, that “more” can be “even more”

Money Flows Or Money Goes

Money flows, or money goes, you decide. They say that money talks but if all yours says is “goodbye”, you need a different strategy.

For me, it’s about enjoying life, working smart, and yes, I’m all for free, but unfortunately, enjoying life properly often involves money.

The best way to keep a flow of money coming into your life is to figure out ways to keep money coming into it while you sleep soundly. Soundly in the knowledge that someone somewhere in the world is buying your stuff at four o’clock in the morning.

Selling online can be a sound business proposition, especially if there are minimum moving parts, for example, selling digital products, print-on-demand products, like books or T-shirts.

Making money online is really not that hard, but with most people, there needs to be an adjustment in a person’s mindset in order to succeed here. You can’t expect to be a boss if you have an employee mindset. This is not being rude, I’ve been an employee myself, it’s just being realistic.

Working smart keeps the money coming in. It’s virtually impossible to work the hours you really need to in order to receive the money that you really want.. hence the big shortfall in many people’s pay to desires ratio.

It takes very little capital to start an online business selling digital products. If money is tight and you have absolutely NO capital at all to start a business. YOU actually need to start one. The job is not serving you.

Check out the average person’s garage, it’s full of junk. The car is on the drive whilst the garage is keeping the junk warm. How much of your hard-earned capital is sitting there in the garage, paying absolutely no rent at all?. It’s just sitting there rotting away.

It’s all money. Sell it on eBay.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope you got some value from this post. If you did, don’t forget to leave me a comment below.

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