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How To Make Money Creating Kindle Books

Kindle books are eBooks, sold on Amazon and available in the Kindle store. In this post I am going to cover how you can make money online by creating kindle books and also how you can create long term passive income.

First of all I would like to answer a question that comes up a lot. “If you are selling kindle books on amazon for $2.99, how are you making any money?

This is a great question, and it’s one I asked myself way back in June of last year (2020).

The answer to this is quite simple.

Amazon Kindle Books – How Can I Make Money?

Ok, at around a $2 Royalty per book, you would have to sell a ton of Kindle books each month to make any decent money. My point here is, you don’t have to. Not if your Kindle strategy is part of an even bigger strategy.

Think of what you could do with a Kindle book, once you have created it, and remember, you just create it once and sell it forevermore.

Lend It. You can: Put it in the Kindle Unlimited program, Amazon then lend your book out to it’s Kindle Unlimited members, and for every page that anyone reads, you get paid a small royalty.

Give it away for a limited period: By publishing it and giving it away initially you will create a stream of readers on your book for free. This can establish the popularity of your book in the early days with Amazon.

It can get you those much-needed reviews and of course, if you have put the correct clickable links inside your book, you can get people to sign up to your list, buy your affiliate products, and even link to other books you’ve published.

What Else Can You Do With Your Kindle book?

For a start, you can turn it into a paperback or a hardback book. You can also get it narrated and publish it as an audiobook on Audible. This is a great way of creating books of higher value and getting higher royalty payments. Audible is a great way to get your work out in audio form. Audible often have some great introductory offers for buyers.

All this from a single Kindle eBook. The mind boggles.

Once you have created several books you can link them together. Add links in each book, and if someone enjoys your book, the chances of them buying another one are very good.

You can create your own Author profile on Amazon. This is a great way to showcase all your books. You can add this link to your future books or even in your blog posts.

The book business is growing rapidly. YES, Kindle books are now outselling paperback books, however, people will always want both. A Kindle book is pure instant gratification and can be read not only on a Kindle device, but also on Amazon’s free online Kindle library or on a Kindle app on your computer, or smartphone.

How Do You Create Kindle Books?

First of all, find ideas that you know in advance will be profitable. I publish nonfiction books. People, unfortunately, will always have problems, it’s your job to find the problems that people will pay money to solve, and it is these people who will buy your book.

I have a very simple way of creating books. In the beginning I took ages to do this. My first book took me a year to complete. Now, I complete a book in three to four weeks or maybe a little bit longer if it’s over 20,000 words.

My first book Money Mind Crush is over 30,000 words.

First of all, I create an outline. This is a document you create to map out the structure of the book. I create the chapter titles and then the sequence they will appear in, then I research the internet for the content. I look for blog posts or videos on the subject matter for each chapter.

Don’t copy this research content. We are only looking for ideas for our chapters. Model it, but don’t copy.

When you publish the book, Amazon will check your manuscript for plagiarism.

Once I have created the outline, I then go to work on writing the book. I do this in a word document or by using Google Docs.

Each book should have a table of contents at the beginning. An introduction is often a good idea, and create a legal page. I also put a little bit in the beginning about the Author (me)

I then write the chapters, and when I’ve finished, I put a conclusion page at the back of the book to conclude the book and recap on some of the content. I then add a list of resources that were used in creating the content with the appropriate links back to the source of that content.

I also include links to my email list, other books I’ve completed and my own website.

Kindle Books – Creating Your Book Business

From here, it’s up to you. You can create as many books as you like. It doesn’t cost anything to write the book yourself, you can even create your own cover with a free online design and editing program such as Canva.

Personally, unless you are a graphic designer, I would pay to get a decent cover designed. There are plenty of good designers around on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr or even the ultra-expensive, but brilliant 99 Designs.

Believe it or not, people do judge your book by it’s cover.

You now have the start of a possibly very profitable business in your hands. If you can write, you can create a publishing business very cheaply with minimum risk.

There are people out there in their second or third year of self-publishing, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars per month in royalties. It won’t happen overnight, but if you keep at it, and you create multiple books and multiple formats, you could be one of those six-figure earners.

YES, you may need to make use of Amazon Ads. This can help your books to rank in the early days and may produce some good profits over time.

Give people quality books that people will give you 5 star reviews for. If I read a book and it makes a huge difference to my life, I would be one of the first to tell people about that book .

There you have it. you have a brief outline on how you can make money online by producing Kindle books. Don’t forget to check out my current books here. Please do leave a comment below and share the post.

Have a great day


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