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Self Publishing Online – The New Entrepreneurs, who are Dominating Amazon

And then, like knights on horseback, the author entrepreneurs swept quietly in, and the self-publishing revolution had begun. Self-publishing has often been ignored by many people, as it all looked a “little bit too complicated”

The truth is, it’s not really that complicated at all. Sure, you’ll have to write something meaningful. Sure, it will be many words and pages, after all, it’s not like writing a blog post – it’s more like writing 50 or even a 100 blog posts.

Is it worth it?. I let you know, i’ve just published my first book. I do have friends though who are doing very nicely publishing multiple titles. How nice is nicely?

Self Publishing School – The Benefits of A Good Program

Since joining a well known publishing school last year, I got to hang out (online) with some awesome publishers. Publishing, via paperback, kindle and audible, some of these guys and girls were making 5 figures a month. Yes, MONTH..

The big bonus payoff is, you don’t have to beg publishing houses to publish your book.

With print on demand so popular, the mighty Amazon simply takes the customer’s order from one of its many websites, and a computerized printer will print the book off in a few seconds.

No longer, do authors have to put up with shabby payouts. Authors can now dominate the world markets and get paid well for doing it.

Self Publishing – The Secret Sauce

The first thing to remember when self publishing is, you can’t go publishing poor quality books and expect to make money. Although some publishers have over a 100 books on Amazon, it’s better to have four or five good books than a 100 crappy ones.

Reviews are everything. If you publish rubbish, your books will get bad reviews and people won’t buy them. What people want to see are good, consistent reviews, a good, attractive book cover and when they click the “look inside” feature that all amazon sites have, they want to be able to view something of interest.

The “introduction” that you write at the front of the book will be seen by people before they buy. so this has to sell your book in advance, along with the book description that potential customer sees, before purchasing the book.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”? – YES, people do. If your cover is not up to scratch, people won’t click on it and “look inside” I recommend 99 designs for a good book cover, not cheap, but very, very good, you pay a premium to have many designers, competing for your business.

Self Publishing – Write It Yourself or Get a Ghostwriter

Not that good at writing? Many would be authors have problems writing a complete book themselves. If you don’t want to to do this, you could hire a ghostwriter. Although I currently write my own books, in the future I may consider this.

You pay a fee, around $800 to $1000 + depending on the writer, (it varies), either to a Ghostwriting company or you could pay someone on Upwork to do this.

You can also pay someone to do the editing and formatting of your book. I formatted my own book using Vellum. This software can only be used on a Mac, but there are plenty of formatting services out there, that will do it for around $65 a book.

The good thing about creating books is that if you market them properly, they will stick around and be seen globally on Amazon and Audible for months or years to come. With enough reviews, your books could be bringing in several thousand dollars per month, per book.

Self Publishing Advantages

The good thing is, there is no stock to buy. Once you publish the book, it could be on Amazon or Audible for months, even years bringing you in monthly royalties.

You can build up a whole self-publishing library in paperback, hardback, kindle and audible formats. With audible you can sell products singularly, and also bundle audio products together, this increases the number of products you have available.

Publishing a book, or books can increase your customer base for your other products. In your books, you can mention your coaching program, etc. I direct my readers to my Facebook group which is “Inspired to Make Money

Of course, you could also direct readers to your landing page/lead magnet.

Amazon/Audible pay direct, into you bank account, in the currency of your country.

Self Publishing Disadvantages

It does require work. If you are writing your book yourself, it can take a while, my first book took me a year to write. If I was writing the same book full time though, it would probably take me about a month, or two.

It takes a while to get your book published on to Audible (ACX). You have to find a good narrator on ACX, once your book has been recorded professionally, it can then take several weeks to get it published. The trick is to have two books on the go at once.

Getting your books seen does require some form of marketing. If you asked several self-publishers who didn’t do well at first, what they could have done differently, many will say that they could have done better marketing in the beginning.

What marketing can you do to get your book seen? You can create an email list and market your book launch to the people on your list.

You can use Amazon PPC paid ads for your paperback and kindle books.

You can create a book review video and market that via YouTube and social media.

You could create a Facebook group. Offer up value in the group and ask people to give you a review in exchange for a free copy.

I hope you found this post useful. If you did, please leave a comment below and share the post. Thanks.

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