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Passive Income Ideas, The Buy Button Revolution

Passive income ideas are everywhere, from investing, and real estate, to blogging, affiliate marketing, self-publishing, etc, etc. The list is endless. Whenever you see anyone dropping a list of passive income ideas, they tend to all be pretty similar.

But, what exactly is passive income and why would you need it? A passive income is earnings derived from an enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. In other words, an enterprise you have set up with initial work, to be able to work automatically for you at some stage in the future.

Why Passive Income?

That’s a good question, but if you think about it, why not?. What will happen if you all of a sudden get ill, or worse still, can no longer work if you have an accident. This is something we often hear about happening, but rarely ever think it is going to happen to us. For most people, if they are forced to stop work, their income stops.

I know, with so many things to pay out for, working until you retire seems like the only option to most people. In truth, most people’s retirement is underfunded anyway, so the money will eventually run out, savings dwindle and many people are forced to live on an inadequate government pension, which tends to equate to less than half the salary they are used to living on.

As I write this, we have a new worldwide problem, higher fuel prices, higher food prices, and more people becoming financially poor. This is not just a problem here in the UK, it’s worldwide. Food and fuel poverty is rife, not just in third-world countries, but here in the west.

People are becoming worse off, wages are not going up in line with inflation, and more and more people are being forced to use foodbanks. In a word, the world is a mess. Currently, we have the Russia/Ukraine war which is causing havoc with world oil, gas, and grain supplies.

By building passive income streams, we can reduce a lot of the financial stress on ourselves, and build a more secure future for our families. A job used to be deemed a fairly safe income stream, however, when you stop working, the income stops. Government handouts and social security is pitiful and the bottom can drop out of your lifestyle fairly quickly, when, and if things go wrong.

Passive Income Ideas – The Plan

Most people’s idea of a financial plan is one of two things. A job and a weekly lottery ticket. Neither of these is very sound. As I explained earlier, a job stops when you do. You spend five days a week building someone else’s business (or working for a government service), earning a salary, and earning two days off at the weekend.

Why not create a side hustle that you can operate alongside your existing job, that will eventually bring you an income you don’t have to physically be there to receive?. This seems a far more sensible idea than having your financial future resting in the lap of the gods.

Buy Buttons – The Internet Revolution Replacing Jobs

Simply put. The more buy buttons you have out there, the more income you will make. I was told this in 2010, the first year of my Intenet Marketing adventure, and BOY, is this true. Whatever side hustle you choose, whether that is print on demand, or self-publishing, or selling courses online, you need to create the content to get your message out there, and each piece of content needs to have a link or a buy button back to your product.

The more buy buttons, the better.

Where a lot of people fail in selling products online is that they try to send the potential customer directly to the product and just hope that someone will buy it. This is rather like asking the first person you meet to marry you. People need to warm up and to warm up to you. You can’t really expect people to buy your product just on your say so. You need to give people value first, create content, and create stories that engage the potential buyer first.

The way to do this properly is to have a “bridge page” between you and the product. This “bridge page” is the page of content, the value page. Once you get enough targeted traffic to your bridge page, you should start to get sales. This is a far more effective way to do business than hassling people with a direct link to your product.

For instance, you could create a blog post on your blog, talking about a specific subject, then hyperlinking a word or sentence back to your product or email capture page (landing page).

Passive Income Ideas

Network Marketing


Print On Demand

Creating Digital Courses

Affiliate Marketing



Real Estate Rentals

The list goes on and on. There isn’t a shortage of ideas, type in passive income ideas into Google and you’ll get hundreds of ideas. The problem lies in the shortage of people willing to start work on an idea in the first place. A job may serve you now, but what about the future?. What about inflation eating away at your income,? what about retirement?. Are you ready for the unpredictable to happen?

Don’t get too comfortable

You can get started today. Free up some of your leisure time and get cracking on a passive income opportunity. At first, you will have to run and service any side hustle you start, but after a while, you can have it up and running with little or no maintenance.

Making money while you sleep is awesome. Waking up in the morning and realizing you’ve just made a commission or royalty is a wonderful feeling. If you keep building this side hustle up over a period of a few short years you could eventually replace your entire income if you wanted to.

The best feeling of all is not having to worry about money. This is one of the biggest causes of stress there is, if not THE biggest.

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