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How To Talk To Anyone, The Art Of Creating Amazing Conversation

How to talk to anyone. When you ask someone “how are you?”, do you really want to know how they are or are you just making conversation?. The reason I ask this is, that all conversations will flow a lot better if you actually have a genuine interest in the other person.

Some people start a conversation on the pretext that they are genuinely interested in the other person then after getting the initial niceties out of the way, quickly switch the topic around to them. As you know, there is nothing more boring than a person who continually talks about themselves.

So, how can you genuinely talk to anyone and keep a conversation going?

Step 1. Mirror a person’s behavior. People like people who are like them. I’m not talking about mirroring everything a person does, I’m talking about making a person feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to start a conversation with you.

If they speak in a softly spoken voice, you’ll lose the conversation straight away if you try to shout and outspeak them. Model the volume and tone of their voice. Make them feel like you have a common ground. Don’t make this obvious though, or you’ll lose them.

People are not stupid. Think of that sycophantic car salesman who agrees with everything you say just to get you to buy a car. They are so annoying. Your goal is to keep the conversation going and flowing, not to make people sick of talking to you.

How To Talk To Anyone About Their Favorite Subject

Step 2. Talk about them, not you. There is nothing more boring than some blockhead talking about themselves all the time. This is the quickest way to turn someone off. If you’ve ever started a conversation and the other person’s eyes start to glaze over, you’re probably sending them to sleep. It’s time to wake them up and talk about their favorite subject, yes – them.

When holding a conversation, remember, that holding is the operative word here. You have to hold their attention and the way you do that is to ask questions. Preferably about them. People love people who are genuinely interested in them. The reason most conversations falter is that the conversation becomes a conversation of useless statements and facts swirling around and around until there is no longer a reason to listen. The conversation dies and the other person is chomping at the bit just to get away.

How To Talk To Anyone – Funny Ha Ha

Step 3. Inject some humor into the conversation. Inject some fun into the conversation. People love humorous people and even if you yourself are not a naturally humorous person, you can still recall and tell something funny.

If you are at a party and you start talking to people about the one-way system in your town, you’ll probably not win over many friends, however, if you inject some humor into the conversation and tell the story of how the police caught a guy going the wrong way up a one-way street when questioned by the police why he did it, he replied ” I was only going one way”, this might get a few laughs, and you will start to relax other people in your company.

Step 4. Make people feel relaxed. People tend to open up more if they feel comfortable with you. If you mirror their mannerisms, talk about them, ask questions and inject some humor into the conversation, you now have a winning formula to be able to talk to anyone.

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  • I agree with you here, Keith!
    I am bad, though, I tend to talk about me to much.
    I do try to make the other person feel relax and I do like to use humor.
    The ‘how are you’, would you look at my biz opportunity does turn me off to conversation.