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how to stop comparing yourself to others

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How to stop comparing yourself to others?. See things as they really are, and not how they appear. What do I mean by that?.

First, check out the video below.

Above, you will see the story of the Crow. It’s a sad story but it resonates with a lot of people because a lot of people are not happy with themselves, or the way that their life is going.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – Why Do We Compare Ourselves To Others?

We normally compare ourselves to others to give our self esteem a boost. People are always comparing themselves because validation is so important to people. We love to be told how good we are and how well we are doing.

We also seek to compare how well we are doing in life compared to others. It’s a human trait to compare things, ourselves included.

So what is the problem with that?

The problem lies when we don’t compare like for like. That person on the train looking like sh*t, he may be scruffy, he doesn’t look like he’s washed in days.. he could be a millionaire. You just don’t know.

That girl with the beautiful body, the millionaire lifestyle, the apartment, the car, etc. She could have lived a hellish life for the last 20 yrs, suffered from domestic abuse etc. You just don’t know.

I made this mistake 16yrs ago when I started my first eBay business. I wanted the flash lifestyle of other eBay entrepreneurs. What I didn’t know then was, most of them had been broke several times before they hit the big-time, but I was comparing my limited experience with their worldly experience.. it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – Follow These Guidelines

  1. Compare like for like. You can never really know all the struggles people have had to get to where they are. Luck may play a small part but it’s never total luck that gets people where they are. If someone is doing well, it’s usually many months or years of struggle. We only usually see the end result, not the journey to get there.
  2. Concentrate on you and your journey. Model others, but never compare yourself to others. This is a fool’s game that will keep you depressed.
  3. Don’t give others so much adulation. We are all human beings, don’t put people on pedestals. If they got to where they are, the chances are you can get there, or even further.
  4. Love yourself more. There is no one like you. you are unique and you can do great things in a unique way. Praise yourself more and only compare you with the you, you were yesterday. That is your only competition, YOU.

So, let’s think of ourselves as individuals. We don’t need to compare ourselves with others because we are totally unique. Comparing ourselves with others is a fool’s game.

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  • We should aim to never compare ourselves and our own life with others. If we knew more about those others we think are “cooler” “more successful”, in most cases, we wouldn’t want their lives. What we see on the outside is never the whole truth. Everyone has their own problems, no matter how things may look from your end. If you want to compare yourself with someone, compare yourself with yourself, your past self. Try to be better than that person. To evolve and grow.