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How To Quit Being Broke

It’s no joke, being broke. I’ve been there and it’s not nice. In fact, in today’s World there is a lot of stigma around lack of money. It’s almost as if people view poorer people as being second class citizens which of course is stupid. 

However, people do have a certain “respect” for people who seem to be able to create wealth from lowly beginnings. It’s as if they are admired for breaking the mould, and of course, we should celebrate people who go all out to improve their lives.

You often hear people talk about money as if it’s bad, or evil, but the same could be said for not having any. There truly is no nobility in poverty (Wall Street), so why not try and improve on what you have. Fortune favours the brave, people have a high respect for the doers, the triers and the achievers. 


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Being born broke is not your fault, but staying broke is. After all, it’s not like it’s impossible to get out of being broke and to turn it all around. People do it all the time. 

Try going in to a bank for a bank loan if you’re poor. They don’t want to know. Money makes money, if you’re broke you have to use hustle, your brain and some skills. 

Lack of funds is one of the most common causes of pain, disruption, divorce, mental problems and hopelessness in the World today.  In fact according to 10% of the World’s population are living on less than $2 a day. 

Imagine trying to live on $2 a day.

That’s not living, that’s just surviving. I don’t believe people were born to spend their whole life in survival mode. 

So, How Do People Get Out of The Poverty Trap?

1) The first step to get any improvement in your life is self education. Now I know that poorer people struggle to get books etc, but most people in this life have a smartphone (yes, even broke people), and if you don’t, everyone knows someone who does. 

This gives you access to the Internet

There is plenty of free education online. I knew nothing about how to sell products online until I went on to places like YouTube and just kept learning until I knew how to do it. 

There are plenty of Libraries on this Earth which offer free lending of books. The more you know, the more you grow. You can’t get enough education, but education isn’t enough, you have to put it into action. put it into action of course.. The Internet is where it’s all at these days, it’s never been easier or less costly to start a business online. 

I started my first business with £250. I sold all my books and bought two cases of diet pills. I turned this into a full time income for over three years. 

Get Money, here’s how.. 

2) HUSTLE. In your neighbourhood, people always want and need things. Find out what people need/want and supply it. If money is tight, find constructive ways to earn more. 

People always want their lawns cut, their windows cleaned, their cars washed etc, etc. Trade time for money in the early days, hustle for dollars and cents, always spend less than you earn. 

Borrow a lawnmower. Cut people’s grass

Borrow a ladder – clean people’s windows

Buy a bucket – clean people’s cars

Sell your junk on eBay.

3) It’s a mental thing. People who live and surround themselves with broke people carry the broke mindset through generations of family. In order to break fee, you have to be different and act differently, even if this upsets immediate family and friends. 

Becoming an Entrepreneur is not without sacrifice. 

You can’t make money, real money if you refuse to change. Most people when they get money, spend it. If you always spend everything you have, it’s impossible to have more. And there will be opportunities to grow that money, if you have it. 

The worst thing is coming across an opportunity and not having the capital to get involved.

Of course, you can create your own opportunities. I have friends who spend every penny they earn and moan about the lack of opportunity.

I also have friends who look after every penny and invest in their education. Skills make money… 

Hustle – Make Money – Invest some of that money educating yourself to make more money. Then, use those skills to create more money. Start your own online business, sell stuff people want to buy, check out Amazon and see what’s selling. There are plenty of opportunities out there. 

Anyone can be broke at some stage in their life, but remaining broke, that’s your fault. Start turning things around today, who knows where you might be in a year from now.. 

Have a great day


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