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Bold, Brave And Brilliant: 10 Secrets To Unshakable Confidence By Rebecca Collins

Confidence is Contagious

“Confidence is that magic pill that makes you instantly better in everything you do.”Gal Shapira

You can be more confident if you believe in yourself!

People who exude confidence aren’t afraid to stand by their decisions and handle life with great optimism and positivity. You can learn how to be more confident too and really reach your full potential?

When you feel self-confident, you can achieve much greater success in all aspects of your life and be seen as someone to be trusted and admired. But, more than that, you will feel strong, capable, and shine wherever you go!

Having more confidence can also help you to:

  • do what you believe is right, no matter what others say. 
  • be more prepared to go that extra mile to achieve greater things. 
  • accept your mistakes and learn from them without feeling like a failure.
  • feel good about who you are and to be optimistic about your future.

I know you might find it hard to believe you have what it takes to ooze confidence. That’s because your experiences have left you with a very low opinion of yourself. You need to restore your confidence and that takes a bit of soul-searching. 


Begin to feel more self-assured by reframing your mindset and embracing the changes. Here are my 10 essential tips to do just that!

1. Challenge your negative thinking

You have to turn off those negative thoughts that pop up in your mind. Instead of telling yourself you are unable to do something, cut through the criticism and focus on changing the dialogue. When a negative thought creeps in, give that thought a name, such as Tom or Sue, and tell them to go away. Never give Tom or Sue the right to criticize you – you don’t need ‘friends’ like that. 

2. List your accomplishments

Think about everything you have accomplished so far, no matter how big or small, and make a list of them. Whether you landed a good job, recovered from a health issue, or made a delicious meal, give yourself credit. Place your list somewhere visible as a daily reminder of your achievements. Everything you have experienced in life has made you who you are today so celebrate your resilience and take pride in being you. 

3. Affirm self-confidence 

When you make positive affirmations, you are using self-talk to boost your self-esteem. Use affirmations every day to build confidence and begin believing in yourself. Some of my favorites are:

1. I am capable of living an amazing life.

2. I won’t allow anyone to steal my happiness.

3. It’s all good! I’ve got this.

4. I don’t need to ask for permission to be great.

5. Every day is my day to shine.

Make your own affirmations and be amazed at how a few words can truly empower you!

4. Practice self-compassion

Be kind to yourself and always remember that nobody is perfect. Think about what you wish to achieve in life and go by your own standards, which is a lot healthier than comparing yourself to others. Nurture a caring relationship with yourself, forgiving any mistakes and appreciating how far you have come. You deserve to be treated with love and respect, just like anyone else. 

5. Practice self-care

Take care of yourself if you want to improve your self-confidence. Put your physical and mental well-being on the top of your ‘to-do’ list and cut out unhealthy habits like binge-eating or overworking. Keep your energy levels up, eat healthily, pamper yourself, and work less. When you take care of yourself, your confidence will grow and grow. 

6. Let go of negativity

This is a biggie, and you need to do it now! Get rid of all the negative people and situations in your life that are making you feel even worse about yourself. Change that depressing job, walk away from unsupportive  people, and leave toxic situations behind. Seek out empowering experiences and surround yourself with positive people to increase your positive vibes to new heights!

7. Push Your Comfort Zone

It’s time to break down those self-imposed boundaries and step into an exciting new world. I know that may sound scary, but imagine all of the benefits you can enjoy once you do so. Push yourself to try a new sport, hobby, or activity and see how it feels. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you can accomplish things that you never thought possible and level up on your self-confidence!

8. Nurture self-awareness

Spend some time thinking about who you are, your values, and how you envision your life. Compare that with what society wants you to be or any other self-imposed limitations and stay true to your inner desires. When you are more aware of what really matters to you, you will be more motivated to live on your own terms. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as you become a confident, well-rounded person.

9. Set realistic goals

Be realistic about what you are capable of and get the tools to make your goals possible by expanding your knowledge and skill set. Set measurable targets, ticking off each milestone as you go, and have a deadline that you can work towards. There’s no greater joy than seeing results and when you do, it will be a great boost to your self-confidence.

10. Be your number 1 fan 

You are a capable, worthy, wonderful person and you need to tell yourself that more often. Give yourself a pat on the back for any achievements and accomplishments. Be your own cheerleader; that encouraging voice on the sideline who has your back and is a true supporter. Be yourself, and be proud! 

You can build confidence every day by telling yourself you are worthy, rejecting negative self-talk, and believing in yourself. Go for it and good luck! 

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