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The Golden Triangle – 3 Steps To Design Your Perfect Life

The Golden Triangle is based on Chapter 3 of my book “Money Mind Crush” So, exactly what is The Golden Triangle, and how can it help you to design your perfect life?

I tend to view life as a triangle of events. We all strive to do the best for ourselves, our partners, and of course our children. When life gets too far out of balance, we tend to operate like a six-cylinder vehicle that’s only running on four cylinders. To paraphrase an American saying, we tend to operate “out of whack”.

So, what are these three things that keep us in balance? and why do we need them?

Design Your Perfect Life – Create Your Lifestyle

Step 1. The first is pretty obvious – Good Health. Without this, our lives can be turned upside down. With bad health, we constantly worry, and we immediately think of all the things we CAN’T do rather than things we can do, because of our immediate health problems.

It’s extremely hard to live a normal life when you are thinking about your health and experiencing constant pain.

It is estimated that up to 80% of serious health issues, including heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, are caused by people’s lifestyle problems. Smoking, excessive drinking, bad diet, lack of exercise, etc. Improve your health by balancing your food intake, reduce sugar, eat more fresh food and get more exercise.

Step 2. Relationships. The quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships with others, and even more important, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Life is not meant to be a solo journey. You don’t have to be coupled up to enjoy a great life. But we do still need others. Our lives can be very lonely without contact with other people.

Create Your Lifestyle – The Most Important Relationship Of All

We also need to have a good relationship with ourselves. If you don’t like or love yourself, how can you expect other people to like or love you? Our self-worth shows, we wear it on the outside, just like our clothes, it is our demeanour that other people pick up on.

You can often tell someone who doesn’t value themselves by how they talk about themselves, and how they act towards the world. We should always remember, each and every one of us is as important as the next person.

Step 3. Material Wealth. I mention this here as I believe many people have the wrong views about money. Let’s say, for instance, you are very healthy and you are in a great relationship. You need money to maintain that good health and relationship.

You can’t be healthy and live on the streets. You can’t maintain a good relationship if you’re always worrying about money. Many couples separate or get get divorced over the lack of money.

Better finances can buy better quality food. People that tend to live on processed food tend to have more health problems than people who can afford fresh food. The quality of a person’s life is determined by the quality of their health, relationships, and of course, their finances.

Design Your Perfect Life – The Perfect Balance

This post is not about how to change your mindset to design your perfect life, my book can help you with that.

The Golden Triangle is about balance. Can you have perfect balance all the time?. I don’t think so. The chances are you may be able to maintain two out of three most of the time but it is highly unlikely you can maintain all three, all of the time.

People might try to tell you otherwise but even those portraying perfect lives on TV, Instagram and Facebook will not have their lives in perfect balance all the time. The truth is, the nearer you can get to the perfect triangle, the happier you will be.

Health trumps all. Relationships are key to a happy life, especially the one you have with yourself. And to top it all off, money is the glue that ties a happy life together.

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  • So many people have health problems because they don’t take it seriously. They think their bodies will be able to take it forever. Just look around and see how many processed foods there are in stores right now. And people are eating a lot of those foods. Of course there are going to be health problems because that food has no or few nutrients and contain many chemicals. In time, those add up and attack the body. Then there’s stress, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep (or quality sleep), etc.