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it makes no sense to make money

It Makes No Sense To Make Money

Back in 1994, a 30yr old man called Jeff Bezos started an online bookstore. The Internet was in it’s infancy and back then most people, including Jeff’s former employer thought it was a wacky idea. After all, couldn’t you just buy a book at Barnes & Noble?

The Giant we know as Amazon today was formed.

Jeff Bezos was not a logical thinker. The problem with logical thinking is, it is fatally flawed. Why I hear you say?, isn’t it best to be logical?.

How To Make Money With Illogical Thinking

Illogical thinking – As most people think logical, illogical ideas can often catch on purely for their originality. Some crazy ideas (fidget spinners etc) are things that once people see them ,they just want to buy them. There is no logic to having them, but they are fun.

Many fantastic inventions and ideas have come about in reply to people’s illogical thinking. After all, prior to 1903, most people thought it was illogical for a person to fly through the air. It was only when the Wright brothers decided to turn an illogical idea into a reality did people start to grasp that what was once illogical can actually be a reality.

This also applies to the art of making money.

If we wish to stick to logic, we would spend our lives working for a boss and be grateful for our wages each month. This is a logical path and is the one favoured by most people.

However, many ideas that people have turned into vast fortunes have stemmed from illogical things. For instance, who would have thought someone could have made a fortune by selling Pet Rocks?.

When Entrepreneurs start a business and leave a 40hr a week job to work on an 80hr a week business, it makes no sense. However, Entrepreneurs and other forward thinkers are not so much concentrating on the here and now, they are believing what they do to be correct without yet seeing the results.

This is the difference. Logical thinkers must think and see the end results in their mind or in reality first. This is the safe path. But this rarely leads to any outstanding results.

How To Make Money – What We Can Learn From Children

Some of the silliest ideas come from children, however they are not silly to them. It can be great fun sitting in a huge box thinking you are in a spaceship going to the moon. Illogical, but fun. This is the problem, children grow into adults and often times we let go of fun and adventure and swap it for normality, paying bills and keeping a job

We lose our sense of childish fun.

Some businesses just don’t make a lot of sense at first, but if you can look past the logic, you might just see a diamond somewhere in the rough. Many very strange businesses DO get off the ground which wouldn’t have had they listened to logic.

When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, he borrowed around $250,000 from his parents and originally called the business “Cadabra”, changing it later to Amazon, after the mighty river. In 1994 it operated out of a garage. Today it is worth nearly $2 Trillion and Jeff Bezos added another $87 BILLION to his personal wealth in 2020 alone.

Not bad for an illogical business.

My point here is that if we always wait for what seems logical, we probably wont get started on anything significant. Sometimes you have to be a bit out of wack, a bit off track to succeed at things. Things that are worthwhile anyway.

High flyers, successful gamblers (call them investors if you like), entrepreneurs all start with a twinkle in their eye, a knowing sense of certainty and a distain for the flawed path of logic.

I hope this post inspires you to start that “thing” that you’ve been dying to start but were put off by the words out of logical mouths.

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