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Coronavirus Stole My Brain

Not literally of course, but after all the fear and loathing, the lockdowns and the daily news, we certainly have enough bad news to last a lifetime. This of course is a different type of virus, this attacks the brain.

Some people have a lot of time on their hands now because of the pandemic. Often or not, especially as we are used to working, doing stuff with others and generally being social, to lock ourselves away until the virus recedes is tough.

But, we needn’t rot away with endless episodes of Eastenders or Coronation street, we can all start using our brains more instead of letting them be taken by Corona.. It’s tempting to sit by the TV and listen to the news, letting all that daily dump of bad news penetrate our brains.

But who needs that?. I would rather attach my nipples to an electric cable and plug me into the mains than listen to the daily Covid show. The lockdown has lead to many cases of mental problems, some people have given up hope.

Although we are all in the same storm (I know you’ve heard this a million times on Facebook) we are definitely not all in the same boat. Some people have been totally flattened by it, they’ve got the symptoms, they’ve lost their job, they have had trouble trying to get anything off the Government, some people couldn’t even afford food – it’s been hell for a lot of people.

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In fact, I don’t care which country you live in, it’s been a complete mess. No one was (or could be) prepared for this once in a lifetime event, also known as a black swan event. PPE was in short supply, some countries shut the airports, some didn’t, it seemed like many of our leaders were going around like headless chickens or rabbits caught in a car’s headlights..

Then along came the troops. Yes, the vaccines. At a cost of hundreds of billions the World may get up and running soon and we may all return to normal at some stage this year (2021).

But do we really want our old normal back?. Even though there is a pandemic on, people still found the time to be angry. They still found the time to demonstrate and have house parties..

Is there a selfish gene?. If so, many people have it. They stockpiled the toilet paper, drove hundreds of miles to “exercise” whilst others gasped their last breath on a ventilator.

Look at the cost. Millions of infected people Worldwide, Over 2 Million deaths so far (as of January 2021). The costs to human lives, the economy etc has been extreme. Yet, has anything good at all come from this?

Has Anything Good Come From Coronavirus?

I believe it has.

I know we still have selfish people spreading the virus around and not giving a sh*t, but in general people are starting to realise who actually really matters..

There should never have been a shortage of Nurses and Police. These are the troops we need when the country is at War. And we are at war. Not only at war with the Virus but also at war with idiots. Some people actually do need a stiff fine with their lager.

So, where is all this leading. It’s leading to receiving and learning the lesson. Look on the pandemic not just as an invisible war that we need to get through, but see it for what it is, a sign.

It’s a sign that before the pandemic arrived, things weren’t right.

We maybe were all a bit too busy beforehand checking our phones and texting people to actually really take time to show them how much we care. Your time is your most valuable asset, when you share it with friends and loved ones you are giving them more, much more than what money can buy.

Coronavirus – After All Has Been Said And Done, This Is What Really Matters

People are what really matter, not things. Far too many people love things and use people, instead of loving people and using things. You can always get more money but you can’t replace your best friend, your mum, your dad, brother or sister. Give them a call, go see them (when you can).

Many mum’s, dad’s, brothers, sisters and best friends have died during the pandemic.

We undervalued our nurses and doctors, hospital staff, the cleaners, truck drivers, bus drivers, checkout staff, servers, publicans, shop assistants etc, etc, we pay them peanuts but worship celebrities.

Maybe it was a sign for us all to restock. Take a look at ourselves and ask “Where am I going in this life?” – is my job really serving me. Am I getting sick and tired of being tired all the time?

Do things need to change?

During both World wars, people got really resourceful, they helped each other, they were kind to each other,

Now is the time my friends. Now is the time to take stock, to relearn to earn, to be creative, to kiss that job mentality goodbye (if you want to). Perhaps it’s time for change.

Some people on the other hand have thrived during the pandemic. They reacted quickly and turned adversity into good fortune. Some people will become very rich through the pandemic because of things they put in place before Covid 19 came along. They created online stores, they created work from home businesses that sold products people really wanted to buy during the pandemic.

Whilst the high street suffered, the online entrepreneurs grew and grew. This is thinking forward, this is thinking on your feet. Not waiting for a pandemic to come along before thinking holy sh*t, maybe my job wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Think forward. Be creative. Be prepared for all that the World can throw at you. Don’t let the Coronavirus steal your brain, learn a new skill, make yourself more valuable to the marketplace, work for yourself, or at least create a part time income if you love your job. There may not be another pandemic in our lifetime, but there will be hard times ahead..

Stock markets will crash, house prices will boom and bust, redundancies will come, economies will meltdown, hard times are inevitable but you can make yourself bulletproof by always being one step ahead.

Most people are reactive. They only do something about something when it’s gone. Always be proactive, think on your feet and always be one step ahead.

I hope you liked this post. If you did, let me know – post a comment below and share it. Many thanks.

All the best


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