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The Time To Die Is When You’re Dead

I don’t think there has ever been another time like this, certainly not in my lifetime – when death and dying has been featured so much in the News.

We are living in dangerous times. The Pandemic isn’t over yet and many more will die. This post is not about the Pandemic, it’s about the living dead. Yes, you heard correctly, it’s about those people who are waiting to die, without really living.

For effect, let’s call them the living dead. This is not me being unkind, this is me telling it how it is. A Pandemic is a once in a lifetime event. The living dead is a daily event.

Each one of us has a certain sell by date. Once our time is up, it’s up. Sure we can extend our lives by a few years, we can quit smoking, we can exercise a bit more and eat better food. Of course, even this is no guarantee of an extended life, i’m sure we can all find stories of grannies who smoke 20 cigarettes a day and live to a 100., 

There are people out there who never had central heating and only ever eat red meat, tons of dairy and other delights such as bread and dripping, but still managed to live a long and industrious life.

There will always be people who are an exception to the rule. Some people just seem to go on forever no matter what. But many people die long before their sell by date.

Life Extension 101

I want to talk a little here about my own sweet mum. I remember her feeling very down and depressed when she was in her 60’s. She kind of started to give up. It’s as if she was accepting of old age and had decided that she was old.

Too often, once a person gets labelled as being a pensioner, a senior citizen, an old person etc, they then act to the label.

I remember my mum at 60 starting to act differently. She thought she was old therefore she acted as if. I think this is an inherent problem in people. Of course, had I known she was going to live till 96, I might have been able to convince her otherwise, but I had no proof.

She lived another 36 years (more than half of her existing 60 year life). Waiting to die, exists in a lot of people. Not just 60 year olds..

Living Life On The Go

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The truth is, many people are just existing. Many people are living their life in line with their existing label. They live to other people’s expectation and also often to a warped expectation of their own.

When you get to 60, 55, 50, 70, 65.. and any other number you care to name, how do you know you haven’t got another 50% of your life yet still to run?. Why are you so accepting of your age, your circumstances, your future?.

Many people live their lives just passing the time.

This is sad. As time is the most precious thing we have. Instead of killing time, maybe we should be squeezing every last drop out of it while we can. The living dead is not a fantasy, it’s a reality. Many people walking this planet are literally just killing time until they die.

How Do You Change?

The first thing is, you have to want to change. No one ever got changed who didn’t want to. It all starts with the will do do it.

Next, you have to change your routine. If what you’re doing now is not moving you where you want to go, do something about it. Make a plan.

Next. Take action. No one ever got rich sitting on a sofa watching TV. If you call yourself an Entrepreneur, at least have the courage to act like one.

Next. Believe that you can. Look forward to living to a 100years and beyond. The brain has this inescapable power of bringing you what you want. If you’re just killing time, time will kill you.

You can extend that time, by adding value to it. The more a person wants to live, the more opportunities present themselves to fulfil that desire. This is not mumbo jumbo fantasy, this is how it works.

Instead of living the same old life over and over again. Live a different life every year. Divide your life up into 12 month periods and decide on living a different life every 12 months. Variety is the spice of life.

Spice up YOUR life and Kill the living Dead.

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