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Can Problems Actually Be Good For You?

We hate problems, don’t we?. In fact wouldn’t life be grand if we never had a single problem?. Well, actually, NO – Life would not be grand, in fact life would be awful.

How so?

I know this is going to take a complete “mind switch” here but hear me out. Instead of looking at problems as disastrous events that have no place in our lives, look on them as “graduation events”.

What is a graduation event?. This is a series of bends in this great river of life that shape us as humans and give us opportunities to grow. I’m not saying we should look back on every bad thing that happened to us with thanks, but I do believe that our problems, or more importantly how we react to them, are stepping stones, not the blocks that most people think they are.

Lets for one minute imagine our life as if it was a movie. Would you pay to go and see it?. What should a good movie be?. It should have a plot twist, it should have adventure, romance even. It should have adversity and in the end, adversity is overcome and replaced with something representing happiness.

Imagine going to see a movie which had nothing but happy things going on all the time, it would be pretty boring, yes?. Or imagine a movie where just bad things happen all the time, that would be depressing. You might even demand your money back.

But you might say, well, Keith, this isn’t a movie, this is real life.

Problems Could Be your Greatest Gift

Real life is not only how you live, but also how you see it. Your lousy life could be someone’s dream life. My point here is, people tend to see their lives as being much worse than they really are. And problems are nearly always viewed as stumbling blocks rather than essential life lessons.

If you see the World as bad, it will be. If you view your life as bad, it will be. Problems are not things to avoid, they will always be there. Everyone has problems, even Millionaires, in fact often or not those with the most just have bigger problems.

But, it doesn’t all have to end there. Don’t go around expecting problems, but when they show up, don’t hide from them. A good life is constant growth, you can only grow when you figure out how to get over problems.

When you are born, you come into this World naked. You rely on Mum and Dad (if you’re lucky) to solve your problems. When you get older, you own your problems (hopefully) and they become your property.

To fail is to learn. The more you look on a problem as an event, an event that will change you for the better, the more you will overcome your problems. Instead of seeing the World as a minefield, with problems coming at you from every angle, see it for what it really is.. It’s a place purposely designed for your well being, your growth and your enjoyment.

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