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Two Hopes, Bob Hope, And No Hope

There is a lot of hope around.

Hope is good, but it really doesn’t do a lot. Hope can help fight negativity, but as a strategy to move forward, it’s pretty static.

There is nothing wrong with hoping for a better 2022, and who am I to say otherwise, however, hope, as much as it feels like a nice and bright golden ray of sunshine, it’s not really a strategy that works that well.

Faith, coupled with focus and a good plan, that’s a much better strategy. Hope, is a bit like hoping to win the lottery, some bugg*r does it somewhere every week, but most of the time, you don’t. In fact, even if you lived a million lifetimes, you still might not win it.

So, how can we almost say with almost certainty that if we did XYZ, we would have to succeed in the end?. and I’m talking about ANYTHING that is considered humanely possible.

Winning Through In 2022

STEP 1. Step Up. The only real way to get anything in this life is to go out and get it. Most people are too obsessed with the little things to actually take the time to create anything significant. You can’t learn to swim without getting your feet wet. Don’t dodge the very things you know you should be doing..

STEP 2. GO ALL IN. Chasing two rabbits results in catching neither. Decide on what it is you want and go after and do that one thing. Juggling multiple things results in being mediocre at a few things but never really being good at anything.

How many things have you started and given up on, only to think a few years later that you would have been great at that thing, had you persevered?

STEP 3. TRUST YOURSELF. Know in your heart that you will achieve your goal without having to have all the evidence there right in front of you. Ordinary people want to see first before believing. Extraordinary people believe it first without seeing it. Believe there is no other outcome for you except the outcome you want. You know you are a winner, it’s just that other people haven’t realized it yet. It is very hard to stop someone who sets out to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Your mind is incredible. It’s your body’s control center, the creator of your dreams and attractor of fortune all in one.

Fail Forward

STEP 4. TURNING FAILURE INTO ROCKET FUEL. Failure is there whether you like it or not. You can’t have success without failure. It’s dumb to expect to go after anything in life and get it on the first attempt.

  1. Did you marry the first ever person you asked out?
  2. Was your first ever job, the one you want for life?
  3. Did all of your relationships in life work out?

I could go on, but learning to accept failure and then use it as a stepping stone to success is a far better strategy than giving up when you fail once or twice. Be resilient: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Keep the faith in 2022, if the pandemic taught us anything it is that we are a resilient world family who can fight and win any battle. The next battle to win is the one within ourselves..

Onwards and upwards..


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