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The Coolness Of Compassion v The Power Of Hate

Many terrorists are Muslim, but that doesn’t make the majority of Muslims terrorists. Most Muslim people are kind and compassionate people who just want to go about their everyday lives. We seem to want to destroy a whole race or religion simply on the basis of what a few people do within it.

How is any religion better than anyone else’s?. Religion is not the squeaky clean responsible and pure group it’s portrayed to be. Hypocrites reside within every religion. and religion is responsible for more death in this world than anything else.

Back in the 1970s, the IRA were terrorizing the UK home front, were all Irish people, terrorists?. Of course not. We tend to label people, often quite wrongly, and then we search for reasons to prove that we’re right and they’re wrong.

My point here is the world for all its good things, is still a very judgemental place. . People are just people. We don’t have any right to claim superiority over anyone, any skin color or religion.. No single race has the franchise on being right.

Compassion Rocks

Hatred is very powerful. Haters, whether singularly or in groups can disrupt, destroy and even kill. By sending out vibrations of hate, you become part of the problem. There is nothing wrong with the world, it’s the people living in it that are the problem.

We seem to recycle everything these days. Imagine if we could recycle hate and turn it into love?. The truth is, hatred just isn’t cool, here’s why:

  1. Hatred says more about you than it does about your victims. When you see everyone and anyone as your enemy, the true enemy lies within. What you are really saying is, I need to tear that person down in order to make myself feel better.
  2. Hatred cures nothing. By being a hater, you are just adding to the problems of the world. Your words are stacking up on social media and causing waves of hatred through people’s computers and smartphones. The more you say something the more it is accepted as the truth..

And most things transmitted through hatred are not true at all.

  1. Children are not born racist. They become one though their peers. Racism is passed down
  2. No religion is superior to another. We may all have a different word for the Guy/Woman upstairs, but no religion is that perfect or better than anyone elses.
  3. We are all the same inside. We just look a little different on the outside. There are good and bad in all races.
  4. Politics is mainly bullshit. Politicians offer many promises when asking for votes but rarely deliver the full package. We know this yet decade after decade we vote them in only to moan about them later. In the meantime the devisive sport of politics still gives people the chance to justify their choice of voting by creating an air of superiority.
  5. The Media are the biggest cuprits. We all have a programming machine in our house. It’s called a TV. The nightly news “informs” you of what’s going on in the world (or so it seems). I think going back a few decades ago I would have agreed with that. Today, the news is tainted with opinion. Bad news sells. Keep people fearful and you’ll keep the viewer. It’s not educating people, it’s making people believe that the world is a cold, dark nasty place. It’s not.

We could do with a lot more compassion, in my opinion. If you want to heal a sick world, you have to cure more than a pandemic. You have to cure people. Compassion spreads kindness and understanding, whereas hatred spreads verbal diarrhoea, uncertainty, and pain.

By becoming more understanding, you become a better person. Haters attract haters, is this the peer group you want?

I hope you liked this post. After nearly two years of the pandemic, maybe we can see people’s true value a little more. When you are starving for breath and you are lying in that hospital bed, will you really care about the color of that person’s skin who is trying to save you?

When that policeman saves your life from that mad knife attacker, will you really care how he or she votes or what religion they subscribe to?.

I don’t think so..

The very person you are hating on today could be saving your life tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day.


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